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Artist Works
I think, I say?
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Cartoonist, illustrator and architect, born in Mendoza, Argentina

"Life is like a big market that offers infinite opportunities and we, the people on foot, live by themselves, clueless, bored, alienated, anguished, depressed, busy, piantados, flown, plugged, compressed, saturated, hot, delayed, tired, disoriented, bored, disillusioned, happy, innocent, strong, lonely, dazed, deaf, stupid, graceful, funny, fatal, fanatical, left, neurotic, passive, active, cute, ugly, studious, stuck, apathetic, cordial, attentive, ignorant, macanudos, turros, dirty, pacatos Dolphins of the best sea, the deep turquoise blue.

It is the turn of selecting, of choosing, of taking what I believe belongs to me, it belongs to me, I deserve it. That which dignifies me in a search at any cost. I take out from here, I put from there, I select, I seek and I find my ideal, that's what life is about. "

(Fragment art project Chongo / Type vs Cat / Dama. DEMOS Group. Mendoza, 2015)
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.davidmichieli.com
Participation Date: Jul 19 2017