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The BEST lettering markers in 2022

If you are passionate about lettering, today we are going to know everything you need to know to choose a good marker, after an exhaustive search. At Artenet we are passionate about everything that has to do with art, and for this reason, today we bring you a review of the best lettering markers that you will find on the market.

You must be very clear that the key in these cases is quality, which is why not all are a good option. You must make sure that the markers are durable and that they can perfectly fulfill the function for which you need them. For this reason, we invite you to continue reading this post, because we have the best selection for you.

Comparison of the best brush tip pens

Before we begin we are going to make a quick comparison with the best cheap options, so you can choose the ones that are most suitable for you. Remember that, in the market, you will find many brush tip brands, which is one of the characteristics that must be taken into account for lettering.

ImageProductsNumber of colors 
Qhui Lettering Markers Qhui Professional Lettering Markers 24 different colors close the price on amazon
 Arteza TwiMarker Double-ended lettering markers Arteza TwiMarker Double Ended Lettering Markers  100 different colors close the price on amazon
 40 Colors Marker Pen Set Touchcool Maker Pen Set Drawing Marker  40 different colors close the price on amazon
 Double Tip Markers VAKKI Double Tip Markers  24 different colors close the price on amazon
 Sunney Watercolor Markers SUNNEY Watercolor Markers  24 different colors close the price on amazon
  Hethrone Double-ended Markers  100 different colors close the price on amazon
 Ohuhu 80 Double Ended Colors Ohuhu Permanent Markers Graffiti  80 different colors close the price on amazon

In any case, there are also other aspects that you must take into consideration for the choice to be successful. You may be a professional cartoonist or just want to start trying it as a hobby. However, in neither case will you achieve good results if you don't have the right markers for your work.

In today's guide we are going to give you all the information you will need so that you can choose the best lettering markers. Thus, you can create very beautiful letters, and you will achieve the desired results in a suitable way. In any case, you should make sure to choose the indicated brush pen so that your drawings are always of the best quality.

What are the best brush markers for lettering?

To choose a good marker brush, you must bear in mind that it must be fully adapted to your drawing and painting needs. Otherwise it is not worth investing in markers that have very poor performance.

Therefore, when choosing this type of markers, you should not only take into account their price or brand. Other aspects such as design, materials, among others, will be essential so that you can choose the marker that will best suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for professional-grade markers or markers for good portability. At present you can find sets of 12, 18 and up to 60 or more markers. But, due to the sheer number of options you find, choosing can be a bit overwhelming.

For this reason, from Artenet, we have taken care of selecting only the best markers on the market, so that you can achieve the performance you are looking for.

So, read on to learn more about it and to know exactly what are the best options that you find in the market.

# 1 Qhui Professional Lettering Markers

Qhui Lettering MarkersThey are markers that you should definitely take into account, especially because they have soft and flexible nylon tips, with great ink absorption. These markers are very comfortable to work with, because they have a thickness from thin to thick, which allows a firm grip. By using them, you can see how the ink dries quickly, ensuring that your artwork won't bleed.

You can have a total of 24 different colors, and with the two extra brushes included in the kit, vivid watercolor effects can be displayed. You can create unparalleled works of art, they are a great option, especially because they have the possibility of creating truly unique effects.

They are completely water-based, free of any type of toxic element, which will guarantee that they are very safe for both adults and children. Its quality is quite high, which will allow you to have professional-level artistic works, which will allow you to achieve simply fantastic results.

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  • They are professional level markers
  • They contain a good concentration of pigments
  • You can get a really unique watercolor effect


  • They have a limited number of colors

They are perfect for all the art projects you have in mind, although they are especially designed for lettering.

They come in a transparent box, with which you can take them everywhere without any inconvenience.

close the price on amazon

# 2 Arteza TwiMarker Double-ended Lettering Markers

Arteza TwiMarker Double-ended lettering markersThey are markers of the highest quality that allow you to have two tips for comfortable labeling. These markers have a 0,4mm thin tip and a thick tip for filling, allowing for great results. With this model you can have a comfortable way to label everything you want.

It is a set of markers that we have loved, especially since you can have a total of 100 markers to have a large number of colors. All its colors are quite striking, which will allow you to achieve great functionality, and truly unique works of art.

Its inks offer great fixation, which is why they can stain clothes. In any case, removing the stains is not that difficult, especially since you can remove it with a towel and applying alcohol with a cotton ball. You just have to press firmly with the cotton until the stain is removed.

They have a water-based ink that dries quickly and does not contain any type of acid.

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  • They are professional level markers with a great quality
  • They offer an excellent concentration of pigments
  • They allow you to have sharp and vivid colors thanks to their great template.


  • Some users complain that the thick lead is too wide

They are completely resistant to fading, which allows you to preserve your works of art for a long time without any type of damage to them.

close the price on amazon

# 3 Touchcool Maker Pen Set Drawing Marker

40 Colors Marker Pen SetThese are truly vibrant colors with an ink that will always give you smooth color coverage. It is perfect for any type of illustrations, thus guaranteeing that you can achieve professional projects. We recommend them for mixed media projects because they will give you the best performance.

They have a double termination, with a brush and chisel, which allow filling large spaces in a comfortable way. But they will also allow you to have great precision, which is why they are ideal for any work of art you have in mind.

Its ink is of a great quality, which facilitates the flow and coverage when you are painting. It won't stain easily, and it's quick-drying, so you won't have a problem while you're painting. It also offers a great fixation, making it an ideal ink for design, writing, drawing, among others.

On the other hand, they will be very easy to use, because each of the markers has a color number that will facilitate identification. Thus, you will not have to waste time while painting, because you can achieve the desired results.

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  • You can have the amount of markers you need
  • They have a great quality of pigments
  • Its price is quite adjusted


  • They have some complaints because they go through the paper a lot when painting

Its design is very elegant, and you have three options, depending on the amount of colors you need in your case.

close the price on amazon

# 4 VAKKI Double Tip Markers

Double Tip MarkersThis is a model that we highly recommend, especially since they have two double tips that allow you to achieve great adaptability.

You can have a fine tip of 0.4mm, to make the lines more precise in a simple way. While the other tip is 2mm thick, which is very flexible.

They are made with the highest quality fibers, and that allow you to achieve great comfort when painting. This is because they are moderately soft, but without losing the hardness of the tips, which will guarantee you precise lines and allow you to achieve good results.

Its water-based inks will avoid any toxic element in them, guaranteeing that you can have great results. They stand out for easily penetrating the paper, being very reliable to guarantee that you will have a great quality in all the strokes you make.

On the other hand, this case has 24 different colors, so that you can have bright colors and of the highest quality.

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  • They have two different thicknesses to achieve perfect lines
  • Its value for money is unmatched
  • You will have 24 colors for all your creations


  • You can get through a lot by staining the next page
  • Its tip is a bit hard, which makes it difficult to control until you adapt to it.

In any case, they are perfect for any work of art, especially because they are very soft to use, which allows you to achieve perfect works of art.

close the price on amazon

# 5 SUNNEY Watercolor Markers

Sunney Watercolor MarkersThese are high-quality brush markers that we have chosen for you, especially for their premium quality. Its heads are made with flexible nylon brushes, so that you can have lines that will adapt to your needs. In any case, you can have fine, medium or strong strokes in a really simple way.

They are perfect markers for handwriting, being perfect for beginners as well as professionals, thus achieving great results. In any case, you can have a total of 24 different colors, with which you can have a high quality, and thus you will achieve perfect coverage at all times.

These colors have a great fixation, and are water-based, which allows you to avoid any type of toxic chemicals that can negatively affect your drawings. In any case, they have a pleasant sensation to the touch, which makes them very easy and comfortable to use.

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  • They have a high concentration of pigments
  • Its price is quite adjusted
  • You will have a total of 24 colors in total for all your artworks


  • Some users complain that they do not offer a watercolor effect

These can create simply unique effects, especially since they are water-soluble. For this, it includes a water brush, with which the ink can be thinned, and thus achieve the desired effects. Its lid has a great sealing capacity, which allows it not to dry out while you are not using it.

close the price on amazon

# 6 Hethrone Double-ended Markers

With vibrant colors these markers will always give you great quality, and they are the best choice you can make. We highly recommend it, because it has a total of 100 completely different colors without repeats. You can have a wide variety of tones from primary colors to complementary colors, and very intense and vivid tones.

They are markers with a nylon fiber brush tip, which will guarantee that you can color, shade and make all the strokes in a very comfortable way. They are perfect markers to make thick or thin lines in a really simple way.

It is noted that these have water-based inks, without any harmful chemicals, and do not have any type of odor. This allows you to work in a very comfortable way, and taking advantage of it to achieve great performance. They are very easy to remove from both clothes and hands, making them comfortable even for young children to use.

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  • They are great value for money
  • They are very versatile
  • You will have a great variety of colors
  • They are easy to take home with their practical storage case


  • They are markers that dry quickly

They are perfect for adult coloring books, for all types of letters, sketches, or for any artistic work you have in mind. No matter your level, we assure you that, if you want to have great comfort, these markers will be a great option for you.

close the price on amazon

# 7 Ohuhu Graffiti Permanent Markers

Ohuhu 80 Double Ended ColorsThere is no doubt that this is a great option, especially since it will allow you to achieve great results. In any case, these are the most popular markers, and they will always offer you a great performance. We especially recommend them for their great value for money, which is incomparable.

These have a special ink that will prevent the markers from drying out quickly, ensuring long-lasting durability. These have very colorful and fade resistant pigments, which allows you to obtain unique finishes in each work of art.

Its color is very durable, and shines thanks to the unique pigments, even managing to mix them to obtain new colors. In any case, you won't have to worry about stains, especially since the colors will stay perfect after drying.

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  • Your ink doesn't dry until the ink runs out completely
  • Each marker has enough ink for 300 meters of strokes
  • They have a great value for money


  • Light colors have a low concentration of pigments

These markers are double-ended, which will guarantee that you will have the strokes that you need, and thus guaranteeing that you will have really good results. In any case, their caps are color-coded so that you can easily identify them, to paint well. In addition, they have a high quality case, so you can take them anywhere, having a great option to take them anywhere.

close the price on amazon

The different characteristics of brush pens

It is important to know the characteristics of this type of lettering markers, especially because that way you can know which ones to choose. In any case, the basic characteristics of these markers will be:

Pen size

It is very important to take into account the size of the pen you are going to use, because it will depend on the strokes to be made. To make precise letter strokes, it is best to opt for a marker that has a fairly thin pen size, because this will achieve greater precision at all times.

On the other hand, you must make sure that, if you need to make sentences or any type of sheets, the thick line will always be the best. In any case, you can achieve optimal results, especially if you want a high-quality marker.

The elasticity of the brush

It will always be good to choose markers that have an elastic brush, since this way you can have different thicknesses in all the strokes in a simple way. These are usually made with high-quality nylon, which allows for great smoothness in each stroke.

Ink flow

We recommend that the lettering markers you choose have a constant ink flow, while being controlled. This will allow you to achieve great results, and so you do not have to worry about the lines going through the sheet. Remember that otherwise you could stain the sheets very easily and it is not recommended at all.

Choice of color

There is a wide color range to choose from so that you can make all your designs in a suitable way. In any case, there are packages that range from 20 markers to 100, so you can choose a model that has the colors you really need.

Brush tip lettering markers: which one to choose?

Before buying some lettering markers you should bear in mind that you must pay attention to some basic points to make the right decision. Among the main ones to take into account are:

Waterproof or water soluble ink

This is a very important point that you cannot overlook, because some markers can be easily removed with water. This can be a disadvantage, especially because if you want to add more color a few days after your artwork, it could fade.

However, alcohol-based markers dry quickly and are permanent. So, if you apply water, these will not stain, but their smell is usually strong. In general, water-based ink is the most suitable, especially for children.

Marker quality

In order for you to have good quality markers, you must always analyze the value for money very well. This is because this way you can get really unique strokes and you can achieve unique drawings. Do not try to save too much on these markers because surely you can get very low quality ones.

Marker for expressive drawings

Markers are not only ink, because the quality of the bristles is a very important point to take into account. In any case, those that have synthetic bristles will allow you to have a more comfortable and sensitive drawing experience, thus making it possible to draw thin and thick lines in a simple way.

Brush tip marker with waterproof or water soluble ink?

As we already mentioned previously, from Artenet we recommend that the markers you choose be with water-soluble inks. This is because these types of inks do not have any toxic elements that can be bad for your health.

Permanent inks, although they have a greater fixation, it is also true that they will not allow you to have the same versatility. This is because they are inks that will fix very much to all the drawings, and even to your clothes, being difficult to remove.

For this reason, the most advisable thing will always be the water-based ink, because with this you will not have problems. You should also bear in mind that these markers also allow you to apply new techniques that will allow you to give all your artistic works a truly unique touch.

The quality of the line

It is always important to choose a marker that has a good quality in its strokes, because in this way you can make sure you get good effects. If anything, permanent markers can offer better line quality over water-based markers.

On the other hand, water soluble markers, if they are of good quality, will allow you to achieve a very similar quality. However, you should do it while the ink is still wet so that you can get the expected results.

The best selling brush tip marker brands

When talking about lettering markers, you will find a wide variety of brands to choose from, and not all are the same. For this reason, you should always choose one of the following brands:

Winsor and Newton

This is one of the best-selling brands on the market, especially because they offer great quality. These markers are made with alcohol-based ink, which does not fade, allowing for high performance.


They are perfect markers for calligraphy, and that allow you to have lines completely adapted to your needs. The markers of this brand are perfect for all kinds of paintings, sketches, illustrations, writing, and many other options.


Chameleon markers have a great relationship between quality and price, being perfect for when you are looking for gradients. This brand seems perfect for any type of shading, or to have high quality drawings. In addition, they have a large amount of ink so you will save money.


This is a quintessential brand when it comes to markers. This is because they are markers that have a great relationship between quality and price. In addition, these markers allow to have a good concentration of pigments.


In conclusion, from Artenet we want to tell you that you may find many different options for lettering markers on the market. But, not all have the same value for money, and not all will give you the same performance.

For this reason, when choosing you should follow the advice in this post, and so you can find professional quality markers at reasonable prices. The best option for you to buy them will always be on Amazon, so that you can get good results.

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