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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: 1981 1986
Central University: Title: Technologist in Advertising and Marketing
National University painting workshops
Age 56
Technique: Pop art is a movement based on pictorial themes of everyday life, trying to reflect the realities of an era, its mood changes its behavior, themes, old ways of a consumer culture of 60 years .

2003 Hotels Dannn Carton Bogota
2005-2009 Gallery Dekoart Villa de Leiva
2005 Gallery Itinerarte
2006 Hotel Cosmos 100
2009 Came
2009 Galeróa Pedro Díaz
2009 Galeria el Gato
2009 The Wall Allery Francisco Nader
Saint Dimingo
2010 and 2011 Machala Lounge Ecuador
2014 International Medal of Art
2015 130 National Art Salon Square House Honorable Mention
English speaker: No
Participation Date: 02 June 2017