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Biography: My professional trajectory has not been especially productive nor my extensive work as you can see, I do not have recognitions, studies of fine arts or titles, nor any curriculum, I count on the criticism of who knows the work I do, always necessary and that now with this blog will be able to observe more carefully. I consider myself self-taught, although it is true that I was interested in some pictorial techniques, styles and very diverse artists, I must admit that it did not help me much, the exploration of time and inspiration were the true driving force of my interest in painting. I think that each material teaches you the possibilities that exist in him through his behavior. In my opinion, painting, like all arts, is subjective, technique must be subject to motivation and creativity, but without dying in the attempt.

My career if you can consider it, begins in childhood, already as a child showed attitudes for the plastic arts and especially painting, but it was not until well into adolescence when I considered painting as something more than a hobby together To my partner we started a craft shop and micro gallery in which I had the opportunity to develop as a painter for some years, an enriching experience of which I have a pleasant memory.

The materials I work with are pastel, oil and watercolor, I could say that the oil has offered me a range of technical possibilities that I have not come across in other materials. My experience with the cake has been perhaps the most comfortable or so I understand, the relationship with this material was very gratifying from the beginning for which has been the one that has provided me the best results, especially in the portrait, which has been The pictorial slope in which I specialized. The watercolor is a painting that led me to work in the graphic industry, producing works for printing such as logos, diplomas, illustrations, etc ... Including works in the world of graphic-digital design with results that served as motivation to give the first Steps in this world.

Website: http://pintoralfredoandresgalan.blogspot.com
Participation Date: Jan 20 2017