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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: I was born in a forest in the middle of nowhere, one of my greatest desires was to paint, to paint with oil, one day as I appeared in that forest, also appeared paintings, brushes and huge canvases, so inspired I began to paint what was there around, trees, rivers, rocks and animals. But one day I discovered that it was not enough to paint that existing, inside me there were strange characters that asked me to be painted, they were the fusion of real animals, they were monsters, they were emotions, thoughts of what I was and what I wanted, that every tree Every part of that forest would whisper in my ear. Looking at the sky the moon and the sun showed his face, they transmitted their energy so clean and pure, what better light to accompany my brush strokes?
English speaker: No
Participation Date: October 18 2018