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Artist Works
Category: Sculptures
Condition: On display
Biography: Drawing studies at the School of Graphic Arts in Madrid and carving in the Decorative Arts of Ciudad Real.

-Exposure of metal. Provincial Museum of the City ________________________________________________________________ May 1.976

-IV Tajo Biennial in Toledo. Participate with two sculptures in bronze and a metallic __________________________________________ June 1.976

-Exhibition of sculptures in the House of Culture of Puerto Llano (Ciudad Real) ____________________________________________ June 1.976

-Works on the creation, execution and placement of stone bas-relief for "Galería Andrade" (Ciudad Real) ___________________ July 1.976

-Exhibition inauguration of "Galería Andrade" in Ciudad Real (Aluminum sculpture) _______________________________________ August 1.976

-Exhibition of sculptures. Cultural Week of the Union (Murcia) _______________________________________________________ August 1.976

-Exhibition of sculptures in "Galería Buchholz" Bogotá (Colombia) - Bronzes in small format ._____________________________ August 1.976

-XXXVII National Exhibition of Plastic Arts Valdepeñas - Two large metal. _______________________________ Sept. 1.976

- Santa Isabes Sculpture Contest of Hungary in Seville - Large format sculpture and metallic aluminum. _________________________ October 1.976

-Works in the creation, execution and placement of three stone murals for the Ciudad Real Chamber of Commerce. _____________ January 1.977

-Exhibition in "Tolmo Gallery" in Toledo. Sculptures and large format metal _____________________________________________ May 1.977

-Works on the creation, execution and placement of a mural (4x1 m) in "Edificio Aldonza" in Ciudad Real (metallic) ____________________ July 1.977

-Works in the creation, execution and placement of three stone murals (4x1,50 m) for "Construciones Justino Perez" Talavera (Toledo) January 1.978

-Works in preparation for an exhibition at "Galería Skira" in Madrid (20 large-format sculptures) _____________________________ June 1.978

-Works in creation and realization of low-relief in stone for "Construcciones MZOV" ____________________________________ February 1.979

-Competition for the installation of a sculpture on a light source in the "Caja Provincial de Ahorros" of Toledo. ______________________ June 1.979

-Collective exhibition in "Tolmo Gallery" (Toledo) - Large format. ________________________________________________________ January 1.980

-Exhibition of large-format sculptures in "Tolmo Gallery" (Toledo) ____________________________________________________ April 1.980

-Works in the creation and execution of sculpture for Cáceres City Council. ____________________________________________ June 1.981

-Works on the restoration of the marble figures inside the "Ermita de Huerta de Valdecarávanos" (Toledo) _______________ Sept. 1.982

-Works in the creation, realization and placement of the image "Virgen de los Pastores" (2,60 m) - (Stone of the place) _________________ October 1.982

-Exhibition of large-format sculptures in "Galería Crac" - Aranjuez. ___________________________________________________ Nov. 1.982

-Exhibition of sculptures in "Galería Andrade" in Ciudad Real. ________________________________________________________ March 1.983

-Works in the creation and realization of the "Monument to the poet Jorge Manrique" (stone and bronze; 4,5 m high) Santa Maria del Campo.

(basin) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ May 1.983

-Exhibition "Artists of Aranjuez" in "Galería Juan de Villanueva" _______________________________________________________ Nov. 1.983

-Works in the creation, execution and implementation of the work: "Homage to Joan Miró" in Le Pecq (Paris)

(Iron sculpture by 4,2 m) ___________________________________________________________________________________ April 1.984

-Exhibition of sculptures (small and medium format) in "Barbançon Gallery" (Paris) _________________________________________ March 1984

-Collective exhibition at "Galería Crac" (Aranjuez) (large format sculpture) ________________________________________________ June 1.984

-Works in the decoration of the "Iglesia del Espiritu Santo" in Aranjuez, making an image of Virgin in stone (4 meters) and Espiritu Santo

in welded iron (1,30 mts) indoors. Image of Holy Spirit of stone (1,50 mts) _______________________________________ June 1.985

-Work in creation of the constitutional shield for the MOPU (which does not reach colocorse ...) ___________________________________ Sept. 1.985

-Works in the creation, realization and placement of the monument: "Tribute to Blood Donors" commissioned by CRUZ ROJA

ESPAÑOLA in Aranjuez (3 mm iron plate welded "to the edge") 6.20 meters high ._____________________________________ October 1.985

-By commissioned by the "La Barraca" Group, he creates and places a stone plaque in commemoration in the "Café Granada" of this same city.

of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Garcia Lorca ___________________________________________________________________ August 1.986

-Collective exhibition of artists for the benefit "Albergue San Vicente de Paul" (Community of Madrid) ____________________________ December 1.986

-Collective exhibition "Artistas toledano" in "Tolmo Gallery (White marble sculptures) _____________________________________December 1.986

-Collective exhibition: "The Technical Engineers of Public Works and Art" ... Exhibition Hall of the Chamartín station .______ May 1.987

English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.areguilon.com
Participation Date: Feb 05 2019