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Man with a pipe.
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waves of color
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Biography: Miguel Ramon Almanza Riesco
From an early age I already decorated my school textbooks with my drawings. I mean by it
that my passion for drawing and painting was quite premature. But it wasn't until my teens
I began to dedicate this passion more seriously, learning new techniques for me, oil, watercolor, acrylic,
gouache, pastels, colored pencils. For this I attended different classes in the civic center of my town
of residence, Santa Coloma de Cervello, with Carmen Ruíz, painter and Bachelor of Fine Arts. I made
some group exhibitions with other students. Some oil paintings belong to this stage,
pastel and graphite from my pictorial collection.
I also attended some watercolor and life drawing classes at the Center Artistic de Sant Lluc, in
In 2011 I took an intensive course in "Creative Painting" at the Escola Massana, with the oil technique
and abstract theme. Some of them are in my collection.
In 2012-2013 I studied the Higher Degree in Illustration at the Escola Massana where I worked on different
techniques, such as gouache, acrylic, oil, ink, watercolor, natural painting, in the subjects of Techniques of
Illustration and artistic painting. The year after my studies, I made the final project of these,
presenting a work of Scientific Illustration on the birds of the Ebro Delta.
Later, I also attended some group classes with Anna Claret, at the CCCA in Sant Boi de
The rest of the paintings that I present are made in a self-taught way, as a form of expression and
creativity, and for professional accomplishment.
I am currently holding an exhibition of my works at the Can Ruti hospital in Badalona. Barcelona.
Tel. + 34 646 531 454
Facebook. miguelramonalmanzariesco
Instagram. miguelramonalmanzariesco
Blog. miguel-r-almanzaartcientific.blogspot.com
Hotmail. miguelramon64@hotmail.com
Gmail. miraalri64@gmail.com
English speaker: No
Website: http://miguel-r-almanzaartcientific.blogspot.com
Participation Date: August 08 2022