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Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Biography: Luisa Estela del Valle Mañez, was born in 1959, Curicó, Chile,
where he studies elementary and middle school at the
Immaculate Conception School. Acquire NATIONALITY
- Later he entered to study Engineering in Design
Industrial, at the Santiago University, but finally, called
out of true vocation, he decides to pursue one more profession
artistic, and is titled with distinctions in the career of "Publicity
with a Mention in Creativity ", at the" Universidad del Pacífico "
1983, Santiago, Chile. She is a graduate of the IAA. What
professional, carried out various and varied works, "Images
Corporate "," Advertising Campaigns "..., in numerous
Business. At the beginning of his career as a visual-artist,
I do group and personal exhibitions, in which
-Year 1997-1998. Individual Exhibition. Municipal Theater of
Talca. March 1999-2000. FITAL. Talca. August 1999,
La Salle University. Mexico City. In August of the year
2000, he opens his own Art Gallery that bears his name,
in Talca, a place where numerous e
important Cultural Artistic events of the region of the
Maule, placing emphasis on the creation of Contests of
Painting, Photography, Literature and Sculpture, all these, after the
particularity of the talent search in our
community, to spread and support them, creates the "Pinacoteca
Talca ”, (with all the winning works of the different
contests). Run the book "71 Obra71 Talentos" and it is launched
in December 2004.
Then, personal participation in various Contests is highlighted
Nationals, such as “Codelco Chile” (Honorable Mention), Estela Del Valle Mañez
page 6
"Brushstrokes Against Wind and Tide", Talcahuano (Mention of
Honor), “Eye with Chile”, “XXV Autumn Salon Painting
Plasencia Extremadura ”Spain (Honorable Mention),“ Landscapes
Sureños ”Puerto Varas., And important personal exhibitions
nationally and internationally, such as:
-March 2001. Hotel "Termas de Chillán". January 2002. Hotel
"Pedro de Valdivia". Valdivia. September 2002. Exhibition
International Scientist, de La Salle. Talca. August 2003.
National Congress of Chile. Valparaiso. March 2004-2005-
2006. FITALTalca. Restorations, carried out in different
entities, La Sallanos, Salesianos, Recoletos Dominicanos, and
others. Talca. November-2005.-Seminar on "Cultural Management".
Catholic University of Valparaíso. November 2006. "Intervitis
Interfructis ”. Talca. March 2007. Seminar "Cultural Management",
U. Talca. March 2007. "RIPLEY". Talca. May 2007. “Museum
of the Americas ”. Miami USA July 2007. “University of
Talca ”,“ Curicó Headquarters Extension Center ”. September 2007.
September 2007. Manager and Creator of the "Art Gallery
Mauricio Frois ", in MAULE regional THEATER," De lo Místico
a las Velas ”, an exhibition that shows his career. -April? December 2008. Permanent exhibition at Ripley Multistores
Talca. July-August 2008. Manager of the contest, “Reciclar Arte y
Lifetime". Co-administrator of the Art Gallery “Mauricio -
Frois ”, from the Maule Regional Theater. Talca. March 2008 and
April 2009.-Participation in the Painting Contest, “Pintando la
Patagonia". March 2009. Exhibition of Oils School of
Law University of Talca. May 2009. Participation in
CULTURAL MANAGEMENT, Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2009.
Biennial Drawing Participation. (IV Biennial of Drawing Silvia Estela Del Valle Mañez
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Pawa, Mexico). June 2010. Assumes the position of Coordinator
Cultural, from the "Mauricio Frois" Art Room, from the Theater
Maule Regional. August-September 2010. Exhibitions
individual, Talca, Chile. November 2010. Jadite Exhibition
Galleries New York, USA. March 2011. Assumes for the second
Once the position of Cultural Coordinator, of the Art room
"Mauricio Frois", Regional Theater of Maule. April 2011.
Participation, on CD, presented in Dubai, through,
from the "Museum of the Americas", Miami, USA January 2012.
Visualitas Exponents Award, (participation 2011, Room
de Arte Mauricio Frois, TRM). March 2012. Exhibition in
FITAL, Talca. May 2012. Exhibition at the National Congress of
Chile, Valparaíso, “PECES Y VELAS”, With Virginia Álvarez
Ebner. September 2012. "FISHES AND CANDLES". Talca TRM
Administration Sala de Arte U. Autónoma Headquarters Talca, Chile.
March 2013. "TRILOGY". Talca Exhibition. college
Autonomous of Chile. March April. 2013 FITAL, “ÁNGELES”.
Talca. Chili. May 2013. "EL CENTRO DAILY AWARD"
"BEST CULTURAL MANAGER". March 2014. Exposition
Collective, Palacio Paz Cultural Center. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
March 2014. Third Place and Medal of Distinction in “Salón de
Buenos Aires, Argentina. May-2014. Individual Exhibition,
"Reality or fantasy"; Nicolás Salmerón Cultural Center,
Madrid Spain. December-2014. Individual exhibition,
"ÁNGELES", University of Talca, Chile. March-2015.
IN SITU Painting Participation, Potreros de Funes, San Luis,
Argentina. August-2015. Creation and Inauguration, “RUTA DEL
ARTE Y DESEÑO MAULINO ”, jointly with AIEP. April? 2016-Individual Exhibition, "CANDLES IN CONSTITUTION".
Constitution Cultural Center. Chili. April-2016. It is Estela Del Valle Mañez
page 8
Appointed Curator of the Constitution Cultural Center. Chili.
April-2016. Creator, "PINACOTECA CONSTITUCIÓN". April? 2016. Collective Exhibition "IBEROAMERICAN ART
CONTEMPORARY ”, Madrid, Spain. May-2016. Exposition
Individual, "Clamores del Paisajes Chilenos", Madrid, Spain.
May-2016 He is a member of the AECA. PRESS.PRESS. May? 2016. Cover Magazine "INTERCIENCIA". October-2016.
Exhibition, "A HORSE THROUGH CHILE", Curicó, Chile. "CANDLES and
TEXTURES in RED ", Selected work to hang," Living room
of Autumn 84 ”, 2017 Madrid, Spain. 2017. “Memories of me
Chile Natal. Real Circle of Friendship, Córdoba, and Gallery
Rodrigo Juarranz, Aranda de Duero, Spain. 2018. "Candles
from Talca ”. Municipal Library, Talca, Chile.
March-2019.- "CANDLES and JARRONES", Pedro Olmos Room,
Universidad de Talca, Chile, June-2019.- "Candles and Vases",
Constitution Cultural Center, Chile. August-2019. "CORP.
MUNICIPAL CULTURAL ”. Recognition for outstanding
trajectory commitment and fostering in solidarity, the
cultural development of the commune, Constitución, Chile. March? 2020, Collective Exhibition "WOMEN PAINTING FROM THE
MAULE ”, Constitución, Chile.

Currently, his Works are in Museums, Art galleries and
private collections, in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Europe and the United States
United, and there are various future projects where
new personal exhibitions and continuation of contests
artistic and social in Arte del Valle. -
English speaker: No
Website: http://artedelvalle.cl/
Participation Date: 08 June 2021