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Biography: My name is Jeyson Alejandro Murillo Gómez, I was born in 5 in April of 1989 in Victoria, (Valle del Cauca). During my birth there were complications that affected my health and affected my brain generating Cerebral Palsy. I currently have 29 years, I live with my family formed by my mom Graciela Gómez and my sister Paola Murillo Gómez. They have taken care of and watched over me.
My mom has 61 years and works at a florist. My sister has 36 years and works at Natura. As a family we have struggled to get ahead despite the difficulties presented along the way.
Since my birth, my childhood and adolescence have been accompanied by several events that marked my life: My birth was to the 5 months and a half which the doctors said that I was not ready to live in this world, I within my weak birth took strength , I clung to life and after a month and a half I left the hospital, my mother raised me as a kangaroo mother until 9 months, from then on I had a series of checkups and medical follow-ups which dictated my cerebral palsy, I was referred I went to an Institute called Propace in the city of Bogotá, where I received many therapies and with the help of them I walked when I was going to fulfill 6 years. From then on I began to develop my reading, verbal expression, and math skills. My stay in this institute was of 8 years, when finishing degree transition in this institute I was remitted to a school called Germany to continue with my normal process of schooling.
I entered 1 ° of elementary school, but over time we discovered that this school was not the most suitable for me, there they did not have the experience of working with disabled people, there was no awareness on the part of the school to the students and never They had worked with people like me, so they did not know how to treat me with respect. His lack of knowledge and conscience made this a bad experience for me, because I was mistreated and mocked for them; and everything caused by his ignorance, having never had a relationship with people with disabilities. My stay in this school was 1 year for such a bad experience, my family and I decided to close that chapter of my life, which led us to look for another option to follow my school development.
To my 11 years of age leaving behind this bad experience, we are on the way with the Institute called VIDAFE, here I met the Rector of this Institute Rosa De Murcia Rojas, the Director Elvira Rojas and the Professor Gladys Flórez, which gave me the opportunity to belong to this institution. I had an absolute support of each one of them, I met a lot more people and from them I also received unconditional support to perform in my daily life, as the path passed through the institution it was discovered that I had hearing loss, it prevented me from listening well, even so I continued developing myself with normality and with more depth in my physical and school part.
A few years later, I met Art Professor Juan Manrique; We started some normal classes, what I never imagined was that these classes captivated my deepest senses and emotions, it is here, in a normal class where my passion for painting was born. I discover through painting that there is no limitation for me,
red is brave because I get angry and I say things that are not, green happy because my family helps me, sad purple because he died an uncle I did not know a long time ago and purple passion because I have talent to paint what I express about color
In one of the many classes and techniques learned, I express my inspiration, my works of art come out, I focus on the faces and start a work called Rostro Tríptico, with her I participated in an explosion of art in the Metropolitan Club of Bogotá. I still receive in the institute knowledge of several techniques such as: Monkey type, Vinyl, Watercolor, Canvas, and Oil among others, from this knowledge several works are deduced which already adorn the walls of my clients, relatives, and friends. (The Last Supper, Series of Cats, Wanda and his Violin, Classic Landscape, and various faces). For the 2010 year the VIDAFE Institute completes its work and I see myself in the painful and hard task of assuming it. After 11 years of coexistence and familiarity I took the task with pain to find an option according to my profile and abilities.
After assuming this end I assume the task of searching for options online, and that is where God puts in me a great opportunity in front called New Gimnasio La Cúspide.
Here we were taken care of in our first visit by Martha Cristina Cortés, she was an honorable person and of polite welcome called my attention from the beginning and I was instantly captivated, it was of my pleasure the College and I knew that it was the best option. Here I have learned many things now, I have developed more skills, which I know will be of benefit for the rest of my life. I have learned to relate to people, to be tolerant, to be more independent when I arrive. I finished at the Nuevo Gimnasio La cúspide school, in 3 years and I graduated from 11.
In this AAG university I searched for it online and it gave me the opportunity to study in plastic arts, I met many people where I could learn new experiences and knowledge in the middle of art, such as sculpture, history, body, experimental drawing and digital media. Thanks to my family to get ahead with my art and demonstrate my achievements of painting in many more important works.
3 years have passed in the (AAG) and currently, I am currently finishing the plastic arts career in the (ACADEMY OF ARTS GUERRERO.) I do not deny that it has cost me to assimilate many changes during this time, but this gives me the courage to continue without limits , as it is expressed in my works.
I learned many things about contemporary art, like Jean Michel Basquiat because I like the way he paints and other more important subjects that inspire me.
The classmates and the professors are people who have taken me forward to show people that I am capable of overcoming the most difficult moments of my life.
English speaker: No
Website: https://www.facebook.com/jeissonmurillogomezjam/https://www.instagram.com/jeisson_murillo_gomez/
Participation Date: August 25 2018