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Artist Works
Clouds and silver
Category: Photo
Condition: On sale
Biography: Antonio Pulgarín was born in Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Spain. Resides in Córdoba, he was a student at Mateo Inurria art school in Córdoba. He is technician in the image laboratory and superior technician in artistic photography.

From an early age moves through the art world, began and still continues although not very often with oil painting, charcoal drawings etc. Since he was a child he taught these disciplines, later he has continued to train in other disciplines that interest him, in a self-taught way such as fashion.

His biggest hobby is fashion, and his work is currently fashion photographer, his passion in the world of photography usually are portraits, usually their jobs are often fashion photography, advertising, beauty and personal portraits, loves to portray the human figure in all its facets. can always decide prefer to work in the studio, she loves to create and manipulate everything in your photographs to the smallest ray of light.

She has worked in fashion events and beauty contests which she says contribute a lot to her work since she knows many people from that world and can count on more staff for her projects. 

Antonio has done advertising campaigns for firms and stores in the province where he lives, and has worked hand in hand with great professionals such as stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists among others, which he says he has learned a lot and have taken advantage of until the last second at work. with them.
Currently she continues to insist on his work and is considered a very responsible and loyal person in his work.
Website: http://antoniopulgarin.wixsite.com/antoniopulgarin
Participation Date: Jan 27 2017