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Artist Works
Biography: Lic. In Cs. of Communication (UBA), Professor of Language and Literature, Semiotics and Epistemology at the University of Buenos Aires. I write essays from the 2006 and some time ago I decided to start a collection of Visual Reflections that began in digital works made in Photoshop, for my Facebook and my blog and now I started to make them into fabrics using fundamentally the collage technique. In my blog and my FBK you can read a little more about my professional work and my reflections.
Finally, among the artistic works that I did are: the painting of 2 boxes of ashes, El Happening "World alarm: My mother is dead" Poetic action carried out on November 23, 2014 in Plaza Congreso: A feminist drum band , Marisa Muñiz's dance, my speech, the painting of the ash box and the percussion. Duration 40 minutes, the photos are in my FBk / valeriaespositop
The presentation of 3 humorous monologues, the composition of "The wedding march: Free Version" which is a satire on marriage, and so on.
Finally, between January and February 2016, I made a mural in the interior patio of my studio called "The Terraces of Critical Thought: Nonna Rosa" and the intervention of the ground through the stencil technique.
Website: http://semiostudio.blogspot.com.ar/
Participation Date: Jan 21 2017