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Artist Works
Category: Drawings
Condition: On display
Biography: Johan Velasquez
He was born in Cumaral, (Meta), Colombia in 1993.
It is based in Villavicencio (Meta), from 1995.

Plastic Artist, Colombian orinoquia, Ranger, is also an intellectual, passionate plain and its fauna and flora, present in his artistic creation. Very soon, transcendence has become increasingly important in his artistic expression, which for demanding aesthetic process and balance "gold" birth Colombian translates first by a quest for perfection.
Recently, he stopped in the field of his plains, taking it to his capacity of expressive synthesis to the essential without anecdote: to protect the nature and the threatened species.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ARTEJohanvelasquez/?fref=ts
Participation Date: Jan 27 2017