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Biography: My name is Petya Ivanova. I was born in 1974 in the most beautiful city on the banks of the Danube river, Bulgaria. I have a degree in Chemistry and Business Administration. Since I was little I have been passionate about painting, ballet, classical music and reading. I love the city of Madrid, where I have lived for 12 years, for its Museums, its buildings, its parks and its people.
I have painted with watercolor, tempera and dry pastel. I have won competitions and I have done many exhibitions in my hometown.
Now I am very happy to paint abstract on canvas with acrylics and oils, using different techniques and plaster textures, with a spatula, brush, sponge and brush.
Each canvas is an opportunity to reflect on it !!
Enjoy seeing my works, as much as I enjoy creating them !!
Greetings to all Art lovers.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: 27 September 2020