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Biography: Abstract plastic artist, Malagueño empirico, performs his work in PVC sheet, banner fabric, acrylic, work making sculpture with master Hector Lombana during 10 years, to made several group exhibitions as in Japan in the 2016, in Colombia in Sincelejo in the 2016, in Buga in the 2016 and 2015, in Malaga in the 2015 alone in the bullring, in Malaga international collective exhibition in 2016, participated in different lagoon art awards in Italy in the 2016, in Usa in Houston, Santafe in Mexico, in Dubai, he is invited to exhibit at the Louvre, at the Galería Ágora in the USA, to make an artistic residency at Cairo 2017, in Switzerland, to a collective exhibition at Union City Miusen in New Jearsey, in this year 2017 held a 15's report of his works in the art magazine Jumboart of North Carolina.
Website: http://Facebook: Antonio Montes, Galería Antonio Montes, instagran: Antonio Montes, Galería Antonio Montes, youtube: Programa: Antonio Montes.
Participation Date: Jan 24 2017