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Biography: DAVID PEREZ

Painter, writer, poet, he is a lawyer and university professor, lecturer and columnist.

He was born in Guadalajara, in 1947. In this city, at the Brianda de Mendoza Institute (today Liceo Caracense), he was a student of the great Alcarreño painter Regino Pradillo who, a few years later, would be director of the Spanish Lyceum in Paris. And it is in Guadalajara where he obtained, in 1962, the First Prize in the Provincial Painting Contest.

After a period of realistic creation, fundamentally marked by the repetition of everyday objects (chairs, shoes, still lifes...) in the classic style, he opted a few years later for a polychrome figurativism of great simplicity, but enormous vividness. And he combines the elements that are most familiar to him with urban scenes and environments (traffic signs, stairs, pedestrian crossings...), and with expressive icons that introduce a new conceptual scheme. A scheme that gives his works a special prism, a disturbing creativity and a magical color, now based on materials and supports of great plastic simplicity.

From 1967 to 1985 he participated in different local competitions and exhibitions, and in 1991 he held his first individual exhibition at the Pax Hotel in Guadalajara. Since then he has exhibited on the following occasions:

1993. Individual exhibition at the Casa de Guadalajara in Madrid.

1995 and 1996. Group exhibition at the Bar Association (Madrid).

1998. Collective Exhibition at the Postal Museum of Madrid. His work for this exhibition is part of the permanent collection “One hundred and ... postcards to Federico García Lorca”, created in 1997 as a tribute to the poet, for which the General Post Office issued a special commemorative stamp . Artists such as: Tapies, Brossa, Chillida, Úrculo, Jiménez Carrero, Ouka Leele, Canogar and others participate in this exhibition with their works. In the same year, the collection was exhibited at the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation in Granada and in the Art Room of the Hospital del Rey in Melilla. Subsequently, since then, the exhibition has continued to travel through the main cities of Spain and Latin America and is managed within the permanent artistic collections of the Postal Museum, in Madrid.

1998. Individual exhibition at the Gaudí Gallery, Madrid.

2001. Participation in the ARTESEVILLA International Art Fair, in Seville.
2005. Individual exhibition at the Altea Gallery, Madrid.

2005. Collective exhibition (special outdoor event) Not a Chair in Granadilla, Cáceres. Exhibition visited by more than 40.000 people.

2005. Commemorative exhibition of the 4th Centenary of Don Quixote, at the Casa de la Moneda Museum, in Madrid. The painting, titled Monsieur Quijano & Mister Panza, is prepared to be the cover of a Don Quixote specially illustrated with 32 original plates that will be included in this edition. Currently, this painting is property of the Guadalajara Provincial Council.

2006. La Toja Congress Palace (Pontevedra). Collective exhibition.

2007. Individual exhibition: Behind the Retina. Guadalajara in My Memory. Art Room of the Guadalajara Savings Bank.

2007. Altea Gallery, Madrid. Collective exhibition.

There is his work in different public and private, national and international collections: Board Room of the Espartinas City Council (Seville), Guadalajara Savings Bank, Guadalajara City Council, Guadalajara Provincial Council, Noticias newspaper (now disappeared), and a mural of eight meters in the entrance hall of the Guadalajara Public Library.

And his reference appears, along with a photographic sample of his work in the Great Encyclopedia of Spanish Painters and Sculptors of the XNUMXth Century.

David Pérez is also an illustrator of posters, collectible items and figures, book covers and advertising pieces. And he has also made street art works.

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