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Artist Works
Category: Others
Condition: On sale
Biography: In the EGU (Enciclopedia Galega Universal) of the publisher IR INDO of Vigo, of which he is the director: Bieito Ledo, in the volume 11, pages 55 and 56 respectively, he says: Lago RS ---- Rudesindo Lago Taboada.
Lago Taboada Rudesindo (Barro-Pontevedra) Writer: known by the pseudonym of RS Lago, he collaborated in various publications such as: La voz de Galicia, El Faro de Vigo, El correo gallego and the magazines Hidromel and Barosa. Of its production it fulfills to indicate the unpublished trilogy: the life is Literature and the Poemario Fontanela (2000) in which it shows his sensitivity in favor of its Galician earth.
He makes drawings on paper and digital to illustrate his works and look for new forms of creative expression.
Titled in laws. It is considered a bilingual author: in Galician language and in Spanish
English speaker: No
Participation Date: October 14 2018