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Artist Works
Car Lines
Category: Photography
Condition: On sale
Biography: Nelson Walls,
Born in Valparaíso (Chile, year 1979) from very small he knew he wanted to dedicate himself to photography, with 18 years he started working for Kodak, forming in a photographic laboratory owned by the company, there he was acquiring his first knowledge, from the bowels of the picture. It was as well as one day decided to acquire an analog camera and go out in search of images that transmit sensations, participated in photo contests of hotels and locals getting monetary rewards which allowed him to improve his team. He was also working as a photographer for a medical magazine (Medical Panorama) in his free time, also in each edition he published one of his photos in which he told a story. Every weekend he sold his artistic photos at an antique fair, he was doing quite well and he loved going every weekend to sell his photography and talk to people who came curious to ask. One day he decides to move to Spain, specifically to Barcelona (his current residence) here he changes his style and opts for "StreetPhoto" added to the "CityPhoto" he has been doing, continued participating in different contests, winning several of them or acquiring honorable mentions and second prize. Also from time when he mounts exhibitions around the city. Today he only spends his free time to continue capturing images, uploads them to his instagram @fotovalpo and also sells them online.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: August 14 2018