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Biography: I was born in 1972, in a town on the coast of Granada that I do not intend to return to. There you can not live artistic works. I have not gone through any art school or course, I left the studies in XUPUMX of BUP, and I am very sorry, because I should have left them in 2º of EGB! Everything I do I have learned (and will continue to learn until death) as SELF-TAUGHT.
In 1978, when I was 5 years old, MAZINGER Z, was broadcast on Spanish Television. That was the "spark" that motivated me to draw!
In 1985, I got to know some songs from The BEATLES through the EGB (General Education Borrega) English teacher. On the first cassette tape I had was the song HELTER SKELTER. That was the "spark" that motivated me to be a drummer!
In 1986, the "EG Borrega" math and visual arts teacher brought her four-shot pyrograph to class for us infants to test. That was my first contact with pyrography! ...
In 1987, still 14 years old, I earned my first money making the poster for the "III Open de Chess de Motril" (Granada). Since then I have not stopped making money drawing. One of the first activities I did was posters for concerts of local groups, which linked me to my profession as a drummer ...
In 1989 I started playing drums, but then, we boys had the hindrance of the "military", until it happened we could not commit ourselves to serious jobs, so it took four years to start making money as a drummer. So I was fond of music (who performs it without charge) between 1989 and 1992 (going through three groups during that period).
After the military I began to earn money as a drummer, but being an artistic work, superior, and living in a very uneducated and retrograde country, I did not earn enough to support myself, so I completed my pocket with other activities, so I was a drummer semiprofessional between 1993 and 1996, going through more groups and supporting some of elite, such as Dangerous Friendships.
In 1997 I started to give "drum concerts", which caused me to have many proposals to form groups or to join others already trained, in four months I was already in seven formations, and so I came to live from music, to be a drummer professional ... In 1998 I got to be in fifteen simultaneous formations (eleven rock groups, three singer-songwriters and my drum concerts). But living like this was very hard, a lot of displacement and total dedication to work. The groups did not last long, so a few months was in eleven formations and others in seven, when needed, I completed my pocket drawing or even with other activities unrelated to my career (music and drawing).
In 2001 I had the option of working as a percussionist with a wind and percussion band from a town in Alicante, Elche; working in a third of Spain, earning more than I needed, so I said goodbye to the coast of Granada and I came to live in that town, where I still live (although I'm already focused to move to Madrid in three or five years).
In 2003 I left that band (Costablanca) because its director (José Soler Rubiño) is a drug addict and drug trafficker, so that his band is spending hundreds (without exaggerating) of musicians, and the junkies are staying ...
Between 2004 and 2005 I made my two batteries in the style of what they call "urban compact" or "traveler" (traveler), in the bass drums fit the toms and boxes, in a suitcase the plates, pedals, fittings, saddle and accessories , and everything I pack in a luggage cart and so I move between buses and other musicians' cars (I do not even have a car or license to drive).
In 2005 I bought myself a pirógrafo with the intention of practicing and getting to use it to earn money, and thus need less to work as a musician. In the long run it was a great success.
I continued working with groups, dance orchestras, collaborating with other bands of wind and percussion (called "pasacalle bands") but in 2008 it was seen that the work as a musician was weakening a lot, so I decided to take advantage of the pyrography, and It has been my greatest professional success. I started making pyrographed items for stores (magnets, key chains, boxes, boxes, plates, table tops ...) and won more and more, although until 2011, my main source of income was still music.
From 2012, the pyrography became my main professional activity, giving me the possibility of being selective with the jobs that I offer myself as a drummer, I no longer accept any work, and I have my conditions. Of course, the disgusting and disgusting plague of smokers does not enter my life since 2009.
In 2013, in addition to working as a pyrographer and drummer, I returned to an activity that I did not practice since the 90 years (on the Granada coast), so I went back to making drawings on walls, of course, with my conditions: drawing up to heights that they require stairs or scaffolding, I do not work in the sun (if you have to draw something on a façade, I do it in the shade), and in no way does the plague of smokers enter my life. Of course, if you want in any work pyrograph or label any word in dialect (Galician, Valencian or its degeneration, Catalan), I charge ten times more.
At the end of 2017 I decided to cut the deal with intermediaries, I had been dealing with stores for years and at the same time doing jobs for individuals from all over Spain (because I renew my ads as a drummer, pyrographer and draftsman). So I have started 2018 doing large and elaborate pyrographed paintings, and focusing on direct sales through the Internet, and I am more selective to work as a drummer.
As BATERISTA, I have done more than two thousand four hundred works in a third of Spain (concerts, performances, private parties, parades, processions, charangas, entertainments of sporting events, meals, dances, cultural events and even in political rallies); what I have done most since 2006 are substitutions to other drummers, which I can do because I have the facility to learn any repertoire, at a minimum average of twenty songs per day (in 2013, to supply the drummer of a dance orchestra, I learned 103 songs in two and a half days). I've gone through more than sixty formations (rock groups, folkloric groups, singer-songwriters, parade bands, dance orchestras, virtuoso duos, drum concerts ... I've even made sound effects with the drums for a play!). So far I've played 104 different musical genres, away from home, for the pasta !, at home I play others that I do not include in my curriculum. I have given private lessons of drums, I adjust tonal batteries and I can write scores (detailed and laborious). I link my facebook page as BATERISTA. PHOTOS - With this link you can see photos of my batteries, scores written by me, and some action:
VIDEOS - With this link you can see home videos (filmed with my mobile) "mischief" with my drums at home, and some more interesting video (for example, playing with Los BRINCOS):
As a DRAFER I have made logos and posters for musical groups, drawings on walls, decorative paintings, abstract paintings, drawings in mirrors, in fans, with spray paint, oil, acrylic paint, pencils, charcoal, ballpoint ... I have even done work for the musical group "Los BRINCOS"! I made the patch for the drum, I specified its anagram, I designed magnets and key chains for its 50º anniversary ... and I played with them twice (in 2016 as a guest artist and in 2017 as a backup drummer). I link my Facebook page as a DRAFTSMAN, with this link you can see some of the work I do as a draftsman:
As a PIROGRAPHIST, I have made thousands of articles to order and produced by myself. Magnets, key chains, boxes, spoons, plates, table-tops, portraits, paintings ... I drew one of my batteries and had some curious order, such as pirographing some drawings on shotgun stocks, a stake with a text to nail it to a grave , a small barrel ...) With this link you can see albums of the items that I make pyrography on request for all Spain: key rings, magnets, boxes, portraits, paintings, beakers, dishes ... and any wooden object ...
English speaker: Si
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BateristaPirografista
Participation Date: March 30 2018