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Biography: My name is Carmen Benavente Diaz, I am Venezuelan, I was born the 15 of September of 1968. I grew up in Pedregal, Chacao state miranda of Venezuela, then I moved during my adolescence to Guarenas, Miranda State. I know how to paint frames, make portraits, sculpt, I'm a glass maker (profession of cutting glass, mirror, and hand-crafted glass), I make ceramic pieces and I know a little sewing and many more things. However my fort is in my well-known ceramic style intervened with mirrors and embedded glass, this also includes my stained glass and mosaics

Since I was little I liked art thanks to my father who was a painter, sculptor, draftsman, shoemaker, a little bit of work and I instilled in him the love for art. I learned to draw seeing how my father did it.

Although I knew how to draw was insecure, whenever I was assigned to make drawings at school I asked my dad to do them for me, until one day my father told me:

- You must learn to be independent, so you have your drawing.

I started crying at the beginning but, thanks to that, I started to make a drawing, and I succeeded, the drawing was very good. From that moment, do not stop drawing.

My mother also influenced my art. She painted pottery and from her I learned several techniques.

My mother always taught me to work for my things, when I wanted something my mom painted a ceramic doll and told me to raffle or raffle in the town, and so I did until I had the money to buy what I wanted. Over time, I painted the ceramic dolls myself and then sold or raffled them.

In my adulthood I was more interested in ceramic painting than drawing. In addition I met several people who worked in stained glass and glass, they also helped to forge my style, I was taught to cut the glass and the mirror.

At first I did it wrong, they laughed to see me try while they taught me, but I did not give up and I continued practicing, nowadays they congratulate me for how much it improves and because I even manage to overcome them because I have better pulse and short forms in the glasses that few people (maybe nobody but me) can cut.

All those people helped me in my artistic life until I got to have my own different and unique style

When I knew how to cut the glass I wanted to merge the glassware with the ceramics and so the style of my art was born.

For a while I also work making sculptures with glass only.

After the time I also learned how to make a type of stained glass or mosaic inspired by different techniques

My art style is so unique and of good quality that just by dedicating myself to him and selling my pieces I have been able to support my family; my husband and my 4 children, despite the situation in Venezuela.
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Participation Date: 08 June 2019