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Print size and margins

How does it work?

You decide if your artwork can be printed. If yes, you can set your margins or use the recommended margins.

All you have to do is send us a high resolution image of your artwork to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The image must be without any external mark, text or decoration, since we will print your file exactly "as is" centered vertically and horizontally..

Your high resolution image will be kept in a highly secure location on an independent server and will never be available to the public.
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ARTEnet will pay you 100% of your royalties through PAYPAL.

Recommended margins:
Below you can find our recommended margins that were obtained through careful market research. The current prices of impressions in the market are reflected, when we eliminate the costs of production, advertising and taxes.

WARNING: You can upload them but that will also be reflected in the final price of the impressions. It can happen that your sales decrease, which means a higher margin and lower profits.

Your margin Print size Image file size
4 € 20x20 to 20x30cm 800x800px to 800x1200px
5 € 30x30 to 30x45cm 1200x1200px to 1200x1800px
7 € 40x40 to 40x60cm 1600x1600px to 1600x2400px
8 € 50x50 to 50x75cm 2000x2000px to 2000x3000px
10 € 60x60 to 60x90cm 2400x2400px to 2400x3600px
12 € 70x70 to 70x105cm 2800x2800px to 2800x4200px
15 € 80x80 to 80x120cm 3200x3200px to 3200x4800px
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We are limited to these dimensions (vertical or horizontal arrangement):

Canvas prints  
Inch size Size cm
12x12 30x30
12x16 30x40
16x16 40x40
16x20 40x50
18x24 45x61
24x36 61x91
Inch size Size cm
8x12 21 × 30
12x16 30 × 40
20x27 50 × 70
24x36 61 × 91
27x40 70 × 100
Framed prints  
Inch size Size cm
8x12 21 × 30
12x16 30 × 40
24x36 61 × 91

We would remove some dimensions that clearly are not suitable for their format.

Let us know how it sounds / looks and if you want to continue adding your artwork to the web store as impressions with the default value of the modified margins.

A cordial greeting, ARTEnet team.

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