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Buy original collage works, unique pieces handmade by the artists of today. Online gallery collage. Sale of works of collage. Buy original art directly from the author and support independent artists from around the world.

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ST / 19
Assembly: agglomerates, waste material and acrylics. Work: 51x31 - straight framing 72x51 natural wood 2,5x7 background and glazing.
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ST / 37
Assembly on board, agglomerates and acrylics.
€ 300 EUR
ST / 33
40x40 mounting table. 44x44 black ribbon.
€ 300 EUR
Line of hearts
Painted hearts on a red background and black
Lisa Pierce
Gold hearts
Collage of hearts in gold and red. Textured papers.
Lisa Pierce
€ 20 EUR
A shower of hearts
Original collage of hearts
Lisa Pierce
€ 30 EUR
Dancing hearts
purple hearts on different backgrounds textured
Lisa Pierce
€ 30 EUR
Virginia Arco
€ 180 EUR
lola flores.jpg
The goal of the work is to bring art to as many people as possible and encourage people to buy original prints from artists instead of ...
Alberto Rueda Moral
€ 4 EUR
No title
Mariajosé Petit Nadal
€ 80 EUR
Collage. Oil on paper fixed on canvas.
Pepa Pozo
€ 170 EUR
The memory of you emerges from the night around me The river mingles its stubborn lament with the sea
Ethan Ethanographic
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This work is part of a series of 5 works. Made in polypropylene, acrylics and ink. Stockings: 60x40 cm. Ears of wheat, school or birds dancing. Search...
Alejo Vasco Arcuschin
€ 100 EUR
Colombian artist, completely original works, color, textures and exclusivity
Aliris Barona Rondon
€ 900 EUR
Neoplasticism in cardboard
It is a work that revises the orthogonal neoplastic approach of mondrián. The piece that I present, transforms those colors that the works possess, into own warm shades or tonalities ...
Eliseo García Marrero
€ 300 EUR
Across the river
Collage on wood.
ceci tórtolo
€ 900 EUR
between reds
Original work of great color, it has a variety of red colors, such as red cadmium, carmine, oranges, fluorescent red and magenta
Artist Enzo
€ 4500 EUR
Work done with cutouts from magazines and brochures. Measures 55x78.5 cm.
Javier Lopez
€ 2000 EUR
Of shreds heart
Of tripe and heart shreds. The after the end point. The thousand parts of feeling. A division of continuous pain.
Alejandro Rodríguez Azopardo
€ 35 EUR
Sixth Sense
Work in collage category made with prints and paintings in shades of pink and silver. The base is in black acrylic and the support is a canvas. The protagonist...
Ana Córdoba Crespo
€ 60 EUR
Collages of the series fragments. Technique: acrylic
Maribel Campoy Carmona
€ 450 EUR
New York City Cool.
New York City Collage.
Violeta Alvarez Aranda
€ 200 EUR
Always up
Serial part word of woman exposed in Madrid
Jhoselin Llanos Bautista
€ 230 EUR
Picture realized with 50 and 60 years, Spanish radios under old patina, glued and varnished 100% done by hand, work done on recycled painting, ideal decoration industrial environments.
Ruben Jimenez Badillo
€ 45 EUR
Looking through the trees
Fashionable collage with a landscaped background where the main attraction is that the glasses do not have lenses which, are looking through the background of the photograph ....
Juliana Amazonas
€ 8 EUR
I have une collection of collage paintings on paper foam, contemporary art. dimensions: 40 50 * cm. with certificate of authenticity
Mariam MARIA
€ 25 EUR
pregnant Virgin
pregnant with their exterior details Virgin and spiritual depth
Aura Cecilia Silva Escobar
On display
As you can see, if anything I have clear is that I am passionate above all colorismo, vitalism, brightness, all intermingling and merging the compositions ...
Pepe Mallol Ferré
€ 70 EUR
Untitled I
2 works, mixed media, 21x21 cm
Juan Lisbona R
€ 40 EUR
Delusions of two summers
This stool was made between the 2015 and 2016 summer, incluidos.Fue worked between cities Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Alicante, where he was finally varnished. It responds to a need of the artist to leave ...
Nayara Rosario Rodriguez
€ 560 EUR
89 results - showing 1 - 30
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