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To draw water from the well
Acrylic on canvas of a bucket that is used to draw water from a fairly old well with the pulley that is used to raise and lower the bucket and...
Marita Nadal Lizabe
€ 270 EUR
the wait
Version of "On the terrace" by Ramón Casas with the figure of the woman only.
Marita Nadal Lizabe
€ 300 EUR
writer's room
Louis Rejano
€ 900 EUR
Made in the Canary Islands. There are no shipping costs for the buyer.
Pliocene Danilo
€ 315 EUR
looking for the light.jpg
Contemplation of natural light from a medieval interior.
Alba Well Ribas
€ 370 EUR
My flower . 60x80
Acrylic painting on canvas frame. It has a layer of varnish for greater protection and durability. Ready to hang Negotiable price, this includes the costs of ...
Aurora Lopez Rodriguez
Acrylic tempera on table with frame
SILVIA Garcia Oliver
€ 350 EUR
Window to Japan
Oil on canvas in frame. Ships with Certificate of Authenticity.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
Oil painting on canvas frame. Ready to hang.
Aurora Lopez Rodriguez
€ 170 EUR
Eye of the tiger
Minimum price guaranteed as it is a direct purchase with the artist. Oil on canvas in frame. It is sent with Certificate of Authenticity.
Eduardo Blanco Alvarez
€ 600 EUR
Sweet Christmas
Oil on canvas 55x38 cm
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 100 EUR
We are two candles
Oil on board 42x31 cm
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 50 EUR
Pumpkin still life.jpg
Oil on canvas
Mercedes Gordo Andres
€ 75 EUR
Still Life Garlic Mortar.jpg
Oil on hardened cardboard
Mercedes Gordo Andres
Acrylic on canvas. Measures 46X38 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 150 EUR
Banquet in the cellar
Work done in Chinese ink watercolor paper and nibs
Miguel Angel Magdalena Rodríguez
€ 50 EUR
painted in warm deep acrylic love
€ 1200 EUR
Work done in watercolor.
maylu garcia
€ 140 EUR
Work done in oil and inspired by a corner of a tea shop in Cordoba in Spain.
maylu garcia
€ 275 EUR
Work inspired by a beautiful patio in Cordoba, with that touch of romanticism of the classic gardens.
maylu garcia
€ 295 EUR
The second chance: it is a bowl made completely by hand. It is inspired by the Japanese and the art of kintsugi (they repair things using gold), in this case...
Darwin Ordoñez Macias
€ 30 EUR
Work carried out seeking the concept of perception and depth in spaces.
Carmen Salva del Corral
€ 6500 EUR
Original Mandala, painted in acrylic, on a 3 mm thick MDF surface. FREE SHIPPING!
Patricia L. Andaur Toledo
€ 146 EUR
Little bows, a pink foot with diamonds
Ernesto Coello Married
€ 995 EUR
wood decoration
custom wooden board
Maialen M.
On display
early morning light
Oil painting of an interior. The warm light reflected on the wall.
Estel Calpe Alarcon
€ 55 EUR
original table lamp
Handmade and very original table lamp, made of wood and stainless steel
€ 80 EUR
blue jellyfish
Work done on canvas in mixed techniques with reliefs included in plaster, resin, sand inlays, glass, stones and genuine quartz. Glows with phosphorescent tones in the dark
Henry Luna Sanchez
€ 1500 EUR
golden key
Original painting, handmade, from the perforation of the wood, to the cross stitch.
Nere Mugica Munduate
€ 1500 EUR
The beautiful
This inspiration made by me
Josep Obida
€ 1200 EUR
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