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Candles and candle holder

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Buy Handicrafts Candles and candle holders. Original crafts, Sale of Crafts Candles and candle holders. Handmade items by today's craftsmen.
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Stock image item. Possibility of product customization (design, size, color, ...)
€ 22 EUR
Candles made by hand.
patricia Hernández Quinzaños
€ 12 EUR
Zen candle
The soy wax, the crackling wick and the fragrance of tea form the basis of the single Zen candle. The ceramic glass is handmade one by one ...
Toni Broncano
€ 13 EUR
wbsabi candle2.jpg
Chawan Raku black and white colors candle made with the smell of the traditional Japanese tea cerimonia
Toni Broncano
€ 45 EUR
4 results - showing 1 - 4