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Buy Crafts Jewelry and costume jewelery. Original crafts, Sale of Crafts Jewelry and costume jewelery. Handmade items by today's craftsmen.
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Custom Armonizer Pendant
Pendant custom harmonizer Jewel in wood. Hanging craftsmanship that brings harmony and balance in every facet of life. It helps you find the solution. This type of...
Miguel Angel Valls Serra
€ 48 EUR
Set of earrings and ring
€ 3 EUR
Fantasy Metallic Violet and Silver Necklace
Handmade polymer clay necklace, in a fantasy shape, purple and with silver leaf (fake), a layer of resin is added so under the ...
Ikigai Art Jewelry
€ 35 EUR
Marcela earrings
Handmade earrings
Julia Serb
€ 30 EUR
Adeline earrings
Handmade earrings
Julia Serb
€ 25 EUR
Andrea earrings
Handmade earrings with Japanese Miyuki DElica 11/0 beads
Julia Serb
€ 35 EUR
Green Galicia 191
Ring made with paper.
Aroa Meyer
€ 90 EUR
It is sent the day after receiving the payment, it is sent urgently, with tracking number.
Yanira Guerra Caballero
€ 12 EUR
Aros Zorro de Darwin
Handmade earrings inspired by Darwin's Fox, contact the seller for sales information.
Elisa Cristina Cañío Yévenes
Contact artist
glass necklace
A unique and original piece, necklace made of fused glass technique.
Leda Varela Ortega
€ 16 EUR
10 results - showing 1 - 10