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Fashion crafts for sale online. Find Craft Original Fashion by talented artists of today. Fashion Crafts purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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Casual boho beaded skull bracelet
Casual bracelet of wood, metal and stone beads with boho style for men. Handmade bracelet with wooden beads, natural stone, blue tiger eye, zamak separators...
Luis Fernandez-Pacheco
€ 15 EUR
Celtic style beaded bracelet
Elegant bracelet made of wood and metal beads for men. Bracelet made by hand with wooden beads, natural stone and zamak with a Celtic design that denotes...
Luis Fernandez-Pacheco
€ 16 EUR
NAKOLO necklace
Exclusive line object belonging to the Flora collection, inspired by the vine commonly called Barba de Chivo. It is used by native women as a female contraceptive....
€ 180 EUR
NecklaceBREA .jpg
💎 Exclusive line item belonging to the *Flora* collection, inspired by the Brea tree native to the Pilagá region. 🌿 It is used by the originators...
€ 250 EUR
Easy and horny
"Easy and Horny" a humorous and fun embroidery that can be used for interior design or to put on your clothes, it is an embroidery that at first glance is tender, ...
Paulina Veronica Lopez Belmontes
€ 49 EUR
Spring landscape, decorative instrument for the home or personalized spaces.
Paulina Veronica Lopez Belmontes
€ 150 EUR
audrey color
Audrey Hepburn Super Print. Sold framed.
Estefania Leal Estelles
€ 35 EUR
Fantasy Metallic Violet and Silver Necklace
Handmade polymer clay necklace, in a fantasy shape, purple and with silver leaf (fake), a layer of resin is added so under the ...
Ikigai Art Jewelry
€ 35 EUR
Rhythmic gymnastic headdresses
Headdresses for sports competitions of Rhythmic gymnastics. They are made in conjunction with the mesh.
Alicia Fernandez
€ 10 EUR
Alicia Fernandez
€ 65 EUR
Wallets with personalized photo
Wallets with personalized photo
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 20 EUR
Shirts for girls with Mao collar
Shirts with Mao collar for girls.
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 45 EUR
Wallets "3 in 1" cover for klínex
Wallets "3 in 1" + sleeve for the klínex.
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 30 EUR
Crochet shawl XL
Crochet shawl XL
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 175 EUR
It is sent the day after receiving the payment, it is sent urgently, with tracking number.
Yanira Guerra Caballero
€ 12 EUR
Aros Zorro de Darwin
Handmade earrings inspired by Darwin's Fox, contact the seller for sales information.
Elisa Cristina Cañío Yévenes
Contact artist
glass necklace
A unique and original piece, necklace made of fused glass technique.
Leda Varela Ortega
€ 16 EUR
17 results - showing 1 - 17