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Interior Crafts for sale online. Find Craft Original Interiors by talented artists of today. Crafts Interior purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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Table lamps
I have 2 units for sale
Natalia Stesh
€ 32 EUR
Wall light "La cestilla"
I have 2 units. Can be purchased together or separately
Natalia Stesh
€ 28 EUR
Pendant lamp / lampshade made in macrame
Hi! It is a simple and classic line lamp. Diameter 30 cm. Made of cotton rope.
Natalia Stesh
€ 40 EUR
Wall rack for helmets, gloves and jackets.
Decorative and functional coat rack.
Juan Jose Sanchez Sanchez
€ 500 EUR
Vintage paintings
Vintage paintings
Miss Kukadas
€ 15 EUR
Vintage paintings
Customizable tables
Miss Kukadas
€ 15 EUR
A couple of the bedside table lamps
A couple of the bedside table lamps. Own. Made of wood and cotton ropes. Very beautiful and romantic.
Natalia Stesh
€ 50 EUR
Wall light made by hand
Natural wood wall sconce
Natalia Stesh
€ 65 EUR
Stone work is done for the home (House Numbers, Mailboxes, Funeral Art, Signs, Clocks, etc.)
€ 40 EUR
Christmas flower
“Christmas ornaments” handmade with lots of love❤️
Valeria Croitoru
€ 45 EUR
Bonsai that endures over time
Carlos Arce Rodriguez
€ 500 EUR
Artistic bowl
Artistic interior design bowl
Opal Glassmaker Workshop
€ 65 EUR
Cast glass censer.
Opal Glassmaker Workshop
€ 45 EUR
Olive wood stick 4 (incense holder)
Decorative object made of olive wood.
Juan Rafael Perez Alarcón
Decorative lamppost with led light
Decorative lamppost with led light
€ 35 EUR
Candles made by hand.
patricia Hernández Quinzaños
€ 12 EUR
One thousand and One Nights
Hand-painted bottle, unique!
patricia Hernández Quinzaños
€ 25 EUR
Zen candle
The soy wax, the crackling wick and the fragrance of tea form the basis of the single Zen candle. The ceramic glass is handmade one by one ...
Toni Broncano
€ 13 EUR
Origami Cézanne
Natural evaporator at room temperature. The rods absorb the perfume of the vase and take it to the origami that diffuses it to the air as if a ...
Toni Broncano
€ 20 EUR
Origami Van Gogh
Natural evaporator at room temperature. The rods absorb the perfume of the vase and take it to the origami that diffuses it to the air as if a natural seatpost and flower ...
Toni Broncano
€ 20 EUR
wbsabi candle2.jpg
Chawan Raku black and white colors candle made with the smell of the traditional Japanese tea cerimonia
Toni Broncano
€ 45 EUR
Bruno Horn Notengo
€ 475 EUR
Coat rack for wall in wood, iron and ceramic.
Josefa Hernandez Trujillo
€ 90 EUR
Luminária artesanal, peça unique.
Robson Leal Nunes
€ 490 EUR
Pumpkin Lamp
Lampara made with natural materials. A wooden base and a pumpkin tulip, properly cultivated and dried by the author. Designed to create a warm ambient light ....
Iñaki Garcia Vallejo
€ 79 EUR
Rustic house type
Very beautiful rustic tower for interior
Victor Vargas Aguero
€ 300 EUR
Floor lamp
Handcrafted candle lamp Exclusive design made by Leandro Guzman (Jujuy-Argentina)
Facundo Fernandez
€ 65 EUR
trapillo basket
trapillo round basket, more colors available.
Avila Esther Marin
€ 7 EUR
30 results - showing 1 - 30