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Spirituality crafts for sale online. Find Original Craft Spirituality by talented artists of today. Spirituality Crafts purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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Custom Armonizer Pendant
Pendant custom harmonizer Jewel in wood. Hanging craftsmanship that brings harmony and balance in every facet of life. It helps you find the solution. This type of...
Miguel Angel Valls Serra
€ 48 EUR
Amethyst pendant with lapis lazuli and apatite
Amethyst pendant with lapis lazuli and apatite
Hanna Maria
€ 60 EUR
Pendant with turquoise howlite
Pendant with turquoise howlite
Hanna Maria
€ 47 EUR
pendant with coral
Pendant with coral.
Hanna Maria
€ 43 EUR
Natural feather earrings with jasper
Natural feather earrings with jasper
Hanna Maria
€ 25 EUR
TUAREG (45x28cm) Linden Wood.
Antonio Miranda Ojeda
€ 520 EUR
Incense burners
Incense burners
€ 30 EUR
Piece belonging to "Readers"
€ 20 EUR
Maternal serial part
€ 20 EUR
Little pig
Pig belonging to the Vegan series "I'm your friend, not your food."
€ 20 EUR
Matagalpa Christmas Nativity
Christmas births, Angels, Saints and Virgins
€ 160 EUR
Diriamba Christmas Nativity
Nativity of Christmas, Angels, Saints and Virgins
€ 58 EUR
The time witch
Unique wood carving depicting a witch holding a clock
Jose Felipe Morales Doctor
€ 130 EUR
Fallen Angel
Low relief wood carving. Representation of the fallen angel.
Jose Felipe Morales Doctor
€ 120 EUR
Stock image item. Possibility of product customization (design, size, color, ...)
€ 22 EUR
ZEN mode
Japanese zen symbolism with two component industrial paint and special stone catalyst
€ 30 EUR
Incense burner
Incense burner shaped like a rustic mini fireplace
€ 35 EUR
Candles made by hand.
patricia Hernández Quinzaños
€ 12 EUR
Art in glass
Shipping paid by the buyer. Rate to be defined according to the place.
Tara Art of Glass
€ 8 EUR
Zen candle
The soy wax, the crackling wick and the fragrance of tea form the basis of the single Zen candle. The ceramic glass is handmade one by one ...
Toni Broncano
€ 13 EUR
wbsabi candle2.jpg
Chawan Raku black and white colors candle made with the smell of the traditional Japanese tea cerimonia
Toni Broncano
€ 45 EUR
Sitting angel
Wooden angels handmade and hand painted. All painted differently, no two are the same
€ 30 EUR
Pumpkin Lamp
Lampara made with natural materials. A wooden base and a pumpkin tulip, properly cultivated and dried by the author. Designed to create a warm ambient light ....
Iñaki Garcia Vallejo
€ 79 EUR
last supper of jesus
woodwork and acrylics a modern view of the last supper of the Lord Jesus Christ
leonardo Gonzalez Peñaloza
€ 135 EUR
Representation prime
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26 results - showing 1 - 26