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Buy original handmade gifts and crafts by the best artisans and makers around the world. Find everything handmade; crafts, necklaces, bracelets, jewelry, decorations for the home and more. Shop for handmade crafts directly from the makers and support independent artisans.

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Wood Box
Spectacular handmade wooden boxes that offer you the possibility to choose yourself the size, the type of flower and the decorations that you like the most. ...
Greta Maria Boita
€ 15 EUR
Pinkie Promise
Sweetness and joy, a box that will cheer you up to the most cloudy day.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 15 EUR
Chanel Two
An explosion of colors in an elegant and original Chanel brand box.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 25 EUR
Chanel One
Elegance in its pure state. All in an original Chanel brand box that you can not miss from your home.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 25 EUR
Country Box
The ideal gift for lovers of country style. A mixture of color next to the paper of book gives that historical touch that you are going to love it.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 15 EUR
Safety with little touches of color and elegance all in a bright white box.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 15 EUR
Happy Box
Never before have you seen so much joy in one box. With multicolored flowers made by hand with a lot of patience and love.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 15 EUR
Violet is a box that perfectly combines color and elegance.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 15 EUR
Unique bouquets made entirely by hand with the possibility of personalizing by changing the type of flowers, colors or details to your liking.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 25 EUR
Little One
A box full of joy, decorated with multicolored flowers made by hand with crepe paper.
Greta Maria Boita
€ 10 EUR
Wallets with personalized photo
Wallets with personalized photo
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 20 EUR
Shirts for girls with Mao collar
Shirts with Mao collar for girls.
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 45 EUR
Wallets "3 in 1" cover for klínex
Wallets "3 in 1" + sleeve for the klínex.
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 30 EUR
Crochet shawl XL
Crochet shawl XL
Elena Fernández Rodríguez
€ 175 EUR
Zen candle
The soy wax, the crackling wick and the fragrance of tea form the basis of the single Zen candle. The ceramic glass is handmade one by one ...
Toni Broncano
€ 13 EUR
Origami Cézanne
Natural evaporator at room temperature. The rods absorb the perfume of the vase and take it to the origami that diffuses it to the air as if a ...
Toni Broncano
€ 20 EUR
Origami Van Gogh
Natural evaporator at room temperature. The rods absorb the perfume of the vase and take it to the origami that diffuses it to the air as if a natural seatpost and flower ...
Toni Broncano
€ 20 EUR
wbsabi candle2.jpg
Chawan Raku black and white colors candle made with the smell of the traditional Japanese tea cerimonia
Toni Broncano
€ 45 EUR
Mascara alebrije
The mask is made of clay and hand painted, inspired by Mexican alebrijes.
edson rabadan kings
€ 150 EUR
Simple but beautiful pink resin mini skull.
€ 20 EUR
Those inhabitants that we all have up there and that only we know. My soul shaped.
Alicia Hita Sanchez
Contact artist
Bruno Horn Notengo
€ 475 EUR
The Queen jubilee float diamonds.
The price is not expensive. I have invested 110 hours of work including materials.
Leandre Casulleras Garcia
€ 200 EUR
Puwari Darth Vader
Piece decorated with Huichol art in beads (small pieces of colored glass).
Álvaro Ortiz López
€ 1500 EUR
Stomach with anorexia
Made by me by hand with used meat sticks and burns in a protective plastic. Style: Abstract art Theme: Abstract
jose luis rodriguez luque
Contact artist
flamenco silk
Silk handkerchief painted and bordered by hand. Measures 140 x 45 cm. You can find out more about my work at www.facebook.com/artesaniazorongo
Fatima Menchen Cuenca
€ 30 EUR
It is sent the day after receiving the payment, it is sent urgently, with tracking number.
Yanira Guerra Caballero
€ 12 EUR
Aros Zorro de Darwin
Handmade earrings inspired by Darwin's Fox, contact the seller for sales information.
Elisa Cristina Cañío Yévenes
Contact artist
Custom French Bulldog
Exclusive doll, art, own technique
Laura Millone
Contact artist
Mother Earth.
Hand sculpture in porcelain resin
Andrés Barón Pérez
€ 280 EUR
Hand painted stone
Ana Marote Rubio
€ 20 EUR
Coat rack for wall in wood, iron and ceramic.
Josefa Hernandez Trujillo
€ 90 EUR
Pure Forest
Piece in white stoneware. Lichen form Our lichens, faithful conservators of our ecosystem, associated with the continuity of forests and the presence of ancient trees, ...
Alicia Huerta Orviz
€ 200 EUR
The Pieces of my Soul
mosaic on wood (tile and ceramic) measure 122 x 92 cm hand carved frame.
Thirteen Queenie
Contact artist
Sitting angel
Wooden angels handmade and hand painted. All painted differently, no two are the same
€ 30 EUR
Semuc champey Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
It is a unique work painted in oil, developed in a fine porcelain plate, its size is 26.3 cm.
Ricardo Mendez Arguello
€ 300 EUR
The queen of heaven
Eagle forged by hand by master and artist Tony Arce.
Tony Arce lopez
€ 8500 EUR
Baby bed BABY - LON
Baby-lon cradle
Pedro Esparza Morales
€ 21000 EUR
mascaras paucartambinas ARTE AMARU collection
vladimir morales ccahuana
Contact artist
Handmade embroidered painting with precious Czech beads (more than 11 000 pieces). Measures 31x47cm. Thematica- Bastet is an Egyptian goddess of harmony and happiness ....
Oleksiy Svyrydov
€ 193 EUR
Leonardo Gomez Pereira
€ 200 EUR
Handmade wire figure, can also be customized.
Sergio Garcia
€ 4 EUR
Luminária artesanal, peça unique.
Robson Leal Nunes
€ 490 EUR
fruit basket
Unique piece of art on the planet elaborated by F. Cortez Aborigen of the Putucuica tribe, located in the Venezuelan Amazon. This marvel of art is the only thing that ...
lisandro corrales corrales
€ 15000 EUR
Pumpkin Lamp
Lampara made with natural materials. A wooden base and a pumpkin tulip, properly cultivated and dried by the author. Designed to create a warm ambient light ....
Iñaki Garcia Vallejo
€ 79 EUR
Miniature Guitars
Beautiful guitars to scale different styles ideal as a complement to your music, for years the style is perfected, it is completely handmade.
Beatriz Velazquez
€ 22 EUR
last supper of jesus
woodwork and acrylics a modern view of the last supper of the Lord Jesus Christ
leonardo Gonzalez Peñaloza
€ 135 EUR
Sergio Bono Garzon
€ 5000 EUR
The Beatles
The Beatles Mosaic made in glass. Measures 88 * 155 cm
Michael Ocampo Diaz
€ 1500 EUR
372 results - showing 251 - 300  
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