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Graphite paintings

Graphite is original paintings in various styles and themes. Graphite buy paintings, unique pieces by talented artists of today. Purchase directly to independent artists from around the world.
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Dog 1
"Dog 1" 29,5x21cm Canson Paper from 150gr
Olivia Caballero González
€ 150 EUR
The Lucky Fall
Graphite on paper. 24 x 61 cm.
Manuel Adrianzén Gonzales
€ 250 EUR
Di Caprio portrait
unique and original work. It is a portrait of Di Caprio.
Sofiia Sharova Sharova
€ 30 EUR
Ionut Challenge minele tryu sobolan
Ionut chivu
€ 2000 EUR
Carlos Muñoz Díaz
€ 550 EUR
Scars: Jaasiel
From the collection: "Scars, stories that should end in death", 2018. Testimony of Jaasiel. 18.5 "x 22.6" x 0.5 "/ Charcoal and graphite portrait on canvas / black aluminum ...
Jaasiel Martínez Bravo
€ 271 EUR
Black-winged Stilts
Dancing Black-winged Stilts. They make this courtship dance every spring when the breeding season starts. Frequently seen here in Piemonte, Italy where I live. This artwork I can describe as ...
Anne Broek van den
€ 250 EUR
Still life. Jar with pears.
Coal on paper canson
Beatriz Marcos
€ 60 EUR
Conchi Rodriguez
On display
Salvador Dalí, is an iconic portrait of the great artist of the twentieth century subresalista has. Stunning detail as you can see, certainly a great work of the artist Diego ...
€ 180 EUR
Study 2015 created art and painting done for particular pictures on request. His grandfather, his mother, his favorite landscape, its people. Send the photo with the best ...
Alfedo Asiram
€ 70 EUR
The cub Triana
The cub Triana expresses the ultimate expression of jesus christ
raul lopez martin
€ 120 EUR
essential lights
original drawing in graphite. Wooden frame. It includes glass. Measures (frame): 46 43 cm width and cm high.
Ismael Cervantes
€ 305 EUR
Table A lead pencil on paper Durex, 46 67 * cm, painted in 1997. Not influential in society, desolate man forming an integral part of that society, the result of many years without ...
€ 170 EUR
Deep look
Portrait of a woman with deep look, surrounded by colors. Made with graphite, colored pencils and Chinese ink on cardboard.
Sandra Rabotnicoff
€ 50 EUR
15 results - showing 1 - 15