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Spirituality paintings for sale online. Find Spirituality Original paintings by talented artists of today. Pictures Spirituality purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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Oil painting on canvas
Patricia Ruiz rodriguez
€ 350 EUR
Oil painting on canvas.
Patricia Ruiz rodriguez
€ 170 EUR
The work is an interior journey to reflect the human soul. It is a reflection of the emotions in the Late Modernity.
Irene López González
€ 800 EUR
Thousands of years has the meaning of peonies for the oriental cultures of China and Japan, with immense value and respect for them. In the path...
Nezumi Hime
€ 50 EUR
Acrylic on linen. 190 x 170 centimeters. Author: Carlos Cuauhtémoc
Carlos Cuahtemoc
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Ego, eternal struggle
Victor Varon Fernández
€ 500 EUR
work with frame and glass ready to hang
jaime muns ledesma
€ 150 EUR
"2012" Oil on Canvas 100x100 cm € 3.666, -
XELA Alexandra Kellner-Galili
€ 3666 EUR
Work done on watercolor paper of 300gr.
Maria Guadalupe Eljel
€ 50 EUR
Buddha in the lotus
Personal display of the mantra: Om peanut pande um The jewel is in the lotus (the jewel is the buddha lotus always clean on the mud) ...
€ 300 EUR
work done with watercolor and acrylic with kaman varnishes products
camila ospina moreno
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Mandalas painted by hand.
francisco perez lopez
€ 20 EUR
Maritime universe with the moon merged into the earth
First painting made with oil on canvas
Ignacio Arismendi Moreira
€ 75 EUR
Work in perfect condition.
Leeroy Predika
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My paintings are poetic and philosophical representations. Through different techniques being the observer himself the artifice and the one who endows the work of the intrinsic meaning and ...
Juan Gonzalez Dominguez
€ 350 EUR
the wait
Beautiful painting made in oil on canvas. What will await us?
Edu Orbe
€ 570 EUR
In the heart of the ocean
Work of contemporary style and great spiritual significance.
Silvi Lee ross
€ 10000 EUR
Healing love
It is a personal interpretation of how universal love heals
Esperanza Crespi Ramon
€ 130 EUR
Planting a Royal Palm
Work belonging to the Reversible series, inspired by the formation of good values.
Michel V. Meulenert
€ 1600 EUR
Thank you
Victor Rodriguez Rodriguez
On display
Be reborn
Work entitled "Renacer", Oil on canvas
Lady Alexandra Gonzalez Herrera
€ 1600 EUR
Able to contemplate the fruits
Unique and original art, artist, painter, muralist, internationally recognized for his art.
Oskar Jiménez Contreras
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We all have our monsters, the question is to see them and try to beat them. With this work I invite the reflection of the spectators, to look inside because ...
Santaella Álvarez
€ 100 EUR
The series consists of six works of art.
José Antonio Llopis Moya
€ 300 EUR
The tentasion
Beautiful work in oil on canvas entitled the temptation, is without frame, is rolled type parchment, is in Seville Spain. Negotiable.
J Marcano
€ 300 EUR
YEARNING. Talk about the melancholy of what is not,
€ 500 EUR
Two for two
It is made with aereosol paints
Anthony Nieto Aguilera
On display
Christ the Redeemer
Christ the redeemer: Painted in oil on wood, the image of Jesus in relief above all his outstretched hands invite the experience of touching them, as well as his face that ...
Alvaro Jardin Gonzalez
€ 199 EUR
Interiorizing the Isolates
Work of symbolic character with a realistic nuance, creating a spiritual world of survival
José Ernesto Santos González
€ 30000 EUR
Mandala painted point by point with acrylic and relief painting, no need to be framed, details taken care of.
Natalia Richetti
€ 290 EUR
Light ties
The creative process that defines the work, is through that intimate perception, of arriving from the indeterminate to the definition, of the night ...
Ana Llestin
€ 800 EUR
You know that I too
Month is an obligation to be kind to art and to do so, be nice to people who taste and can choose to buy some artistic piece, thank you that ...
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 300 EUR
The question
Work done at 2018 with the theme of human relations today
Vicente Castro Morales
€ 1800 EUR
My lotus
This work was created with the aim of representing the magic that exists within each being by connecting with his divinity
Karla Ivette Ficachi Vazquez
€ 108 EUR
The coffee of hope
It is a small painting, inspired by a mandala. My boyfriend and my nin we like coffee but we are always going to drink coffee to undertake dreams and business ...
Sarina Hayon Hassan
€ 38 EUR
Last Drop / last drop
Work Title of the work: until the last drop. original work inspired by the death of our Lord Jesus Original work ...
Javier Parra Sanchez
€ 399 EUR
Universe (five elements fen-shuy)
This multi-panel composition consists of six panels (12 x 12 inches).
Andrew Kuzmin
€ 900 EUR
My nature
Original work, recycled and prepared fabric. A decorative painting, for home or office.
Carla Esté Camacaro
€ 120 EUR
internal universe
The work represents the expression of the universe in the inner being. The inexhaustible light that emanates from the matrix soul of each being. An expanding galaxy and its devastation ...
Edgar Galindo Garrido
€ 200 EUR
It is an art of the parchment type, unique.
Sagih Farah Hanna
€ 700 EUR
The application of color refers to diversity and multiculturalism, in which we all fit in and take part. Beyond belief we are all united by ...
Mateo Osorio Salinas
It was created to represent the fall to an abyss
Eduardo Sanchez Conde
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Being Light by Eva Maria Pacheco
As artist, Eva Maria Pacheco, expose these paintings to manifest Love and Truth, as energies of light encapsulated in these canvas full of colors, forms and compositions. If you resonate ...
Karen Duarte Art
€ 1250 EUR
Trip in La Luz
Original work of dreams travel in time oil painting base in light travel
Jary Bravo Camacho
On display
all powerful
The artist confesses that his work does not respond only to a process of experimentation with the chimó as pictorial material, but also to the connection with the esoteric world, ...
dixon calvetti does not contribute
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sumak muyu
This work explores the energetic vibrations of co-creation, "sumak muyu" is the divine fruit, it is the new being that arises from a relationship between two opposite but complementary beings ...
favio caraguay
€ 500 EUR
Oil on canvas. Completely original
Mariló Moga Lozano
€ 300 EUR
Series of three oil paintings
Marly Rivera
€ 600 EUR
302 results - showing 151 - 200
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