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Biography: My original name is David Medina, but artistically I make myself known as Davickrovich.
I have 25 years and I studied artistic baccalaureate, plastic arts and illustration design at the School of Art and Design Superior Fernando Estevez, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where I got to learn and improve my qualities as an artist since at the time it was one of my potentials that had not yet exploded and had the faithful hope of achieving my goal of becoming an illustrator someday, and that's the way it is.
I also had the opportunity to complete the first year of Graphic Design in the same school, which for various inconveniences I could not continue, so I chose to learn methods and techniques on my own, getting inspired by other artists to develop what that you can currently find
English speaker: Si
Website: https://davickrovichart.wixsite.com/davickrovichart
Participation Date: 23 2017 December