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Artist Works
Biography: I have always shown my interest in art, and especially in drawing and painting, however I never entered any academy or institution to train in these subjects.
My professional experience has been linked to the world of graphic arts, a fact that has given me a special perception of color, communication and visual impact, the main axes on which my current work revolves.
1981 Exhibition of pens at the House of Culture of Coín, Málaga. Spain.
2007. Gibraltar Autumm Festival of Art & Culture Collective. Gibraltar.
2011 Exhibition of paintings "POSTCARDS" in Five Rings Bookstore. Malaga. Spain.
2013 Collective Spanish-speaking Cultural Center of Amsterdam. Netherlands.
2013 Collective “PRESENCIAS 34” of APLAMA and Diputación de Málaga. Spain.
English speaker: No
Website: https://enriquefirstlife.wixsite.com/enrique-enriquez/home
Participation Date: Jul 30 2019