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Nude Sculptures, Original Nude Sculptures

Nude Sculptures for sale online. Find original nude sculptures by talented artists today. Buy Nude Sculptures directly to artists from around the world.
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Sculpture flowers high decoration Jsus.art.deluxe.exclusive
Vase high decoration [-] eluxe.exclusive for special design spaces such as premises, mansions, stylish homes, Guaranteed Assets
Jesus Martin Suarez
€ 499 EUR
The Lady
Figurative work made in stoneware.
Maria Dolores Martin
€ 200 EUR
Walking thinker
Sculpture of cooked clay. Original and unique work.
€ 250 EUR
"Flor de Canela"
This work is made with resin on fiberglass, painted with satin paint, use the airbrush to tattoo it with different characters of the culture Chavín, Nazca, Moche ...
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 1000 EUR
Naked you are like one of your hands
It is a sculptural work of a naked woman
Gracián José Ghio
€ 600 EUR
naked torso
extraordinary naked male torso inspired by the anatomy of a man who has done hard labor and who is already at an age of full maturity
Orlando Miranda
€ 300 EUR
Sculpture of a woman, carving in wood.
Rodney Acosta Iglesias
On display
Indigenous woman
Indigenous woman, from the South American Amazon.
Melany Carol Caballero Acosta
€ 350 EUR
My beauty
Torso in ebonized and varnished iron
Roberto Garcia Marin
€ 650 EUR
Excited woman
aged bronze
helmuth sanchez molina
€ 600 EUR
Steel Lovers
Steel Lovers: Steel Sculpture
Jordi Díez Fernández
Contact artist
€ 6000 EUR
Last battle
Sculpture of beaten sheet, of real size.
Jesus Garcia Sola
Contact artist
Reading hammock
Hamaca Lectora It shows all the eroticism of the Latin woman in her costumbrismo lying in the hammock savoring with the pleasure of knowledge, is the form of ...
Emiro Garzón Correa
€ 800 EUR
IMIX (Initiation)
Sculpture in Bronze Technique: Bronze to lost wax
Salvador Jaramillo Ayala
€ 2500 EUR
Original, unique piece, carved in soapstone, wood-based measures; (Including base) front 16,5 18,5 cm high cm 11 cm depth
jose luis Squeo lascala
On display
Head of a Woman (granite sculpture)
Female sculpture made of granite, with a good job of anatomy and a very sensual foreshortening invites reach out and touch the hard, cold granite life-size sculpture, sculpture ...
Julio Martinez Martinez
€ 2300 EUR
No title
Porcelain on table. Belonging to the series "Winter Garden" exposed at the University of Valencia. Fac. Social Sciences. 2016
Patricia BZ
€ 230 EUR
No Title
Piece of porcelain, thread and aguajas on canvas. Belonging to the series "Winter Garden" 2016. Exhibition at the University of Valencia. Fac Social Sciences.
Patricia BZ
€ 230 EUR
Baked clay sculpture with patina effect aged wood.
Estefania Gamau
€ 150 EUR
Work in baked clay with patina. Special to me for their hues.
Estefania Gamau
€ 125 EUR
Decisive point
Work cotta and clay patina.
Estefania Gamau
I foreshortening chained
representative work of the much intellectual stagnation and freedoms of Latin American man
jorge vergara mendez
€ 730 EUR
generica mutilation
this book works the concept of discrimination, abuse and banishment has been the female gender for the time and especially even in countries ...
jorge vergara mendez
€ 1200 EUR
Boogie car made of metal (iron)
Hector Miguel oteo
€ 220 EUR
Infidelity tells of restlessness of self and the destabilization of love.
Antonio Roman Espejo
€ 450 EUR
Female buttocks
Sculpture made of welded iron plate with electric welding on the basis of pine.
Pep Artero
€ 250 EUR
27 results - showing 1 - 27