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Music and dancing sculptures for sale online. Find sculptures and original dance music by talented artists of today. Music and dance Sculptures purchase directly to artists from around the world.
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Michel Jackson Framed sculpture. Figure and signature in relief. Limited edition.
Pao CeMar
€ 60 EUR
Framed sculpture. Figure and signature in relief. Limited edition
Pao CeMar
€ 60 EUR
GUITAR TATUAR ORO Modernist Conceptual Art to decorate special sites, with strength and power, unique pieces to surprise, avant-garde, prominent, demonstrates superiority and design, attitude, greatness, with dressing of material ...
Jesus Martin Suarez
€ 299 EUR
High color guitar recycled decoration
Art by Lux Guitars Signature Jsus decorated, decorated, bar, bars, discos, pub, restaurant, restaurants, hotel, hotels, house, houses, club, brewery, breweries, art, arts. Museum. Decoration of cellar, cellars, restaurant, ...
Jesus Martin Suarez
€ 225 EUR
The wall
Carved relief in sandstone giving reality to the cone piece if it were a piece of the legendary wall lamenting
Andrew Chacoff Schmauck
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Relief: Music and sex in ancient Egypt.
Bas-relief with the theme music and sex in ancient Egypt.
Gabriel Lopez Jimenez
€ 2000 EUR
Hungry singer
Singer in love is made of recycled metal materials, and protected against oxidation.
Daniel Broglio
€ 350 EUR
Sculptural piece of the series SUSTAINED. SUSTAINING THE SUN is the second in this collection of 5 sculptures. It is a deep and relaxed musical conversation between form and ...
Iban Gaztanbide Saenz
€ 300 EUR
unique work made entirely of iron work of admiration for the music.
€ 900 EUR
Electric Guitar (live music)
Body made of recycled material guitar (iron)
Hector Miguel oteo
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The Union
Wrought iron sculpture
Hector Miguel oteo
Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 1.42.57 PM.png
Sarasate is a tribute to Classical Music. A life-size violin made of base mixed with metal wire mesh. This sculpture is designed to be exposed in their ...
Cid sculptor Diego
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Guitar player
Guitarist iron sculpture mazizo
Hector Miguel oteo
€ 100 EUR
13 results - showing 1 - 13