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The zygote
It's a cartoon character that I thought was called the zygote, which is death, the union of a sperm and an egg.
Carlos Alberto Azuero Cervera
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Aladdin on his carpet
Ladino your carpet is another bornce versions Aladdin Character in the play A Thousand and One Nights
Jose Maria Morla Ten
€ 250 EUR
Le Charmeur de Serpents
Le Charmeur de Serpents is another piece that belongs to the Book of the Jungle, although it is not a character of the work, but it swarmed among the rest of the bronzes ...
Jose Maria Morla Ten
€ 600 EUR
Israel Hands (Treasure Island)
You have read Treasure Island? Here you have the bronze representation in Israel Hands, always to the defense!
Jose Maria Morla Ten
€ 700 EUR
Mowgli and Akela
Beautiful scene depicted in bronze Jungle Book, Mowgli and Akela howled together.
Jose Maria Morla Ten
€ 230 EUR
Moby Dick
I can never understand the harassment of animals in general by man. This is what I have tried to represent through Moby Dick. The...
Jose Maria Morla Ten
€ 1300 EUR
Treasure Island
Imagine reading the work of Jim Hawkins Treasure Island .... Do not you find this figure represented in bronze?
Jose Maria Morla Ten
€ 100 EUR
7 results - showing 1 - 7