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Artist Works
Dinamica one
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Federico Mañanes

Buenos Aires, 1979.
Barcelona from 2008

2015 Barcelona Spring Congress (INAA) Realization of posters and illustrations of cover in catalogs and folders of the congresses. Beta House, Grace. May 2015.

Creation of real size silhouettes with marker and spray on paper in different spaces and public events as a participatory intervention.

2014 WeArt Festival. Ego edition. Transforms BCN.
Mixed technique. Stencil, and paper illustration on acrylic.

Angers Firsts Symposiums. International Network for Alternative Academy.
Illustration of catalogs and programs. Universtie Catolique de l'Oest. France

Hidden. In Jiwart (Creation and Society), collective show, three local artists and resident artist Allison Brown.

2013 WeArt Festival. "Blind Time". Time for ilustration. The Future., Barcelona.
Stencil on recycled PVC sheets.

Book of Games. Gloria Arcuschin. Ed of the 2013 Dock. Cover artwork and interior, and audiovisual production. Presented at the Modern Art Center of Madrid, Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, Historical Museum of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and ImanArt Galeria Barcelona.

2009-14 Participations with artists and collective and individual exhibitions in different events and places in the city. Mosaic in Festival of murals with Nevenka Pavic in The Scottish and Garden of Delights in WeArt2012. GaleriaAmelie and other spaces of Grace.

Buenos Aires

2008 Individual sample of paintings made between 2004 and 2008. In Compressed Art, gallery of the neighborhood of Palermo.

Edition and presentation of the book PARTIES (of cards and other amulets), by the writer Gloria Arcuschin. Ed. Del Dock Cover illustration and interior sheets. Cultural Center of Buenos Aires Cooperation; Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico; National Library of Montevideo, Uruguay.

2007-06-05 Open Workshops, shows in the Atelier 33 of the Workshop of the Three Floors, together with the other artists of the workshop.

2006 Rotating collective exhibitions in SADE west, and venues of the Municipality of Morón, in the Culture Area.

Group show in Lorraine, France, with the artists Sergio Aguirre (plastic arts) and Paola Texeira (photography), curated by the artist Jacques Hertrich.

2005 Collective exhibition "I show", in Beauty and Happiness. Acrylic and varnish on transparent acetate ..

Collective exhibition "Portuñol", Funceb (Fund, Center for Brazilian Studies).

Assisted in mounting kinetic work with the audiovisual artist Cristian Wloch for Jurassica, artistic event held at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Buenos Aires, and subsequent presentation of the work in Proa, Mix 05 called by Magdalena Jitrik.

Mora, Isaac Zylberberg-Federico Mañanes shows in space at Gallery Night Palermo. (Comment: Angie Roytgolz, Artists of Buenos Aires).

2004 Luminous bridge assembly with artist Cristian Wloch for Garage (event). Installation of wire and black light 15 x 3 mts.

03-08 With the group Arde! Actions and installations in collective areas, social and political events, and festivals to support workers' organizations in an environment of participation and social interaction based on the work developed in a group manner.

2003 "Arte y Confección" cultural week together with Brukman artists and workers. Production in the programming and the call together with Popular Workshop of Serigraph, Etc, Ardearte! of more than a hundred artists for the festival. (Naomi Kleim, Noe Jitrik, Gloria Arcuschin, Leon Ferrari, Nigro, Washington Cucurto, Electrolatino, among others.)

2002 Individual Exhibition in "Chronic" space, month of May. Acrylic on acetate, a synthetic and concrete image generates homogeneity of materials. This technique arises from the workshop work during the engraving classes with the artist Esteban Alvarez. (National University Institute of Arts).
2000-1 Permanent samples of drawings and mono copies in "La Bimestral". Multi-artistic cycle in "El Limite", Entre Ríos 1029, Bs As.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://espaciofede.blogspot.com.es/
Participation Date: Feb 02 2018