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Artist Works
Alhambra from the sky
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Painter, born in Granada who from an early age awakens his interest in art. Interest that will soon become passion.
He entered the School of Arts and Crafts of Granada and studied drawing and painting with professor don Nicolás Prados López, engraving with José Lomas, and photography with Torres Molina.
During his first trips to Florence, Milan and Paris, in addition to painting cityscapes, studying the great masters.
Soon makes a series of solo and group exhibitions, and his work began to be admired and recognized.
Today, his work is part of private collections in states as disparate as Japan, Germany, Italy, Morocco, United States.
Asked about the experiences and knowledge that he has treasured throughout his career, Fran Torres assures us that the multiple and continuous external stimuli received, sometimes hide the most important and profound, and that one of the most effective ways to avoid it is to through immersing yourself in the boundless and wonderful world of art. In his case in the exciting world of painting.
Participation Date: Apr 04 2017