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Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: The day I wanted to dissect without the need for distorting mirrors and the exalted attitude of the discoverer-conqueror, I had in my hands the childhood reality when it was gone, the memories blurred, the fears embedded, the interpretable clues, the broken dreams, Discontinuous memory and a nervous ewe. All this was my first discovery. Even the senses subjugated to each discovered part did not manifest. It was a single personality, innocuous, scattered but associative. Upon entering, the disturbing noise formed a great cloud that overwhelmed the masochistic will to want to see what was rooted between each convolution. Crashing with the rough eroded zones seemed not to be a good sign, on the contrary the conqueror quickly became a pathetic fugitive character of caricature. What I did not know was that the noise had taken over the access and at that point there was no way out. The inability to move expanded like a wave, it resounded without compassion, conjugating with the noise, blocking sensibility. A great impulsive force was beginning to rise and the poor conqueror unable to get out of his daze was wallowed and dragged to the source of what appeared to be ideas. Each time he went deeper into a space crammed with fragments and to his surprise, nothing he found was as complex as he imagined or expected. Unfinished pieces of faded desires, fragmented, selective and capricious oblivion, and in the queen's chair the controlling impulse that knows nothing, understands nothing. He was surprised, however, to see in the labyrinthine corridors such an exaggerated amount of shelves with dates, signatures, faces, animals, nails and teeth organized by tonalities. Impulse stubbornness? The answer was too simple: everything in the head is perfectly accommodated on the shelves, the noise is only a distractor, the impulse reigns when it is remembered and the elements function as a clock mechanism, they leave in time and they return to Take its place. Magical only has the illusion of wanting to look exceptional and a few persecuting eyes that monitor the procedure. But there was something within the predictable circuit that failed, not in vain had the conqueror gone into that filthy place. Among the mounds of self-contradiction and self-conscious action he found what was missing: A personification of genuine blue fear constantly sneezing on the clock, marring its mechanism. "Too unreal," he repeated as he followed the elusive gaze of that maniacal, hoarding figure. It turns out that the essence of the head is nothing more than the sum of contradictions and fleeting ideas that say nothing. It's all, as in the police reports. Humiliating discoveries for such great expectations, now the discoverer-conqueror is a slave to my naive conquests, caught in an episode of my eventual psychosis plotting to leave, what he has not realized is that he was created by an impulsive order to that the desire to show was not evident.
Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/giroldak/
Participation Date: Feb 21 2017