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Artist Works
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Category: Collage
Condition: On sale
Biography: In the family there have always been aristical concerns but the one who dedicated his life to art was my uncle and godfather Eudald Serra, sculptor and col·leccionista of the art of New Guinea Papua who worked closely with the Folch foundation bringing pieces for his museum.
As for me the painting attracted me a lot and from a very young I experimented.
The vital trayectora led me to work in coses that had nothing to do with art that soon formed a family of so it was not possible to proceed with the painting. But we always had in mind and occasionally I dared with some sketch.
But when I have been able to devote continuously is now, I could experiment with textures, colors, oils and varnishes using industrial waste materials and organic which in combination give the whole look I want.
Give me inspiration the objects but not modify "squirm" because they are almost always the ones who show me how must be available in the box.

Participation Date: November 27 2016