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Condition: On sale
Domar Fate
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Biography: Falling

Where hearts dare to be
Where thoughts and feelings rise and dissolve
into the infinite ocean of you, flowing from me
Into that universe let us awake

... Where the 'you' and 'me' Cease to Exist

how to speak the Unspeakable, Please, kindly do ...
with a smile of souls awake
and a forgiveness for what the other does not know ... yet
as we seek the unseekable

the unfolding into awareness never ends
Truth is never lost
only hidden

arms reach out,
to embrace and to hold, ... closer
to appreciate and share
what can not be told

spirits flash ... a comet shoots silently through my existence
revealing what eyes intend to explain.
no word can explain it
no limitation can show it

so now, these lips ...
Two pilgrims traveling through time and through space
between now, here and nowhere i see you,
in me

i look up to the heaven while words as birds wing from my heart
and for a timeless moment i dance above the clouds
falling through the sky i am rain

kissing your beautiful face

Participation Date: November 05 2016