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OLEO RF-O45031
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: My name is John Espada Villaverde.
Natural from the city of Oviedo (Spain). I was born in 1976.
I studied Secondary Studies in Oviedo and Superiors in Madrid.
And I started drawing and painting at eight years of age.
Given my early vocation to the Fine Arts, my main activity
has revolved around crafts, applied arts, drawings
animated (animation with diploma and master's degree in schools: EsDip /
Trazos, both in Madrid) the painting (in a special way), the projection
both manual and with informational programs in the field of
interior architecture and furniture (to which I have dedicated much of
of my regulated work life).
My pictorial link is partly due to my family (my father)
has dedicated to the installation and projective distribution of furniture (inte-
riorismo), studio-shops (spacio) that have served to show my work
and they have provided me buyers in Oviedo, Gijon, Logroño, Madrid,
Huelva and Alicante (private homes where my oil paintings hang).
As the number of them is already very extensive, now I am almost dedicated by
complete in this artistic discipline and I confess a convinced
historicist eclecticism, a remarkable reflection of my current work that is basic
mind has shaped my last trend that is Surrealism
Abstract (Abstraction).
English speaker: Si
Website: https://jonatanespada.jimdo.com/
Participation Date: 12 June 2018