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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On display
Biography: Biography. Born in 1954
Learn drawing to the 17 years with Carlos Callero, cartoonist and master in advertising, in Montevideo Uruguay.
After his apprenticeship he travels to Sao Paulo Brazil.
Meet the Master Federico Frediani Italian painter based in Sao Paulo and under his tutelage studies artistic illustration.
With Gilberto Geraldo [current professor of fine arts in Moscow] he completes his apprenticeship and continues only his artistic evolution until today.
He works for the Walter Hune advertising agency in Sao Paulo and participates in several advertising campaigns as an illustrator and art planner
Illustrates several editions of PLAYBOY, ELA AND ELE, VEJA, etc. magazines. in Sao Paulo Brazil.
In the famous and prestigious Editorial Abril, he illustrates several books and for the American Company Ana and Barbera drawing his popular characters as
He also draws cartoons with his own characters.
After several stages as an illustrator and draftsman, he devotes himself fully to the art of painting on his own to the 33 years in Sao Paulo.
Enter the book Lozadas das artes as a featured artist.
In his activity in Brazil as a plastic artist, he exhibits and sells his works in the famous Art Leilons of Mauro Zukerman among others, with more
of a thousand works sold in five years granting him an important prestige.
He exhibits in several art galleries of that city, among them the prestigious gallery Rougerio, etc.
Participates in collective art shows winning several awards and mentions, in the cities of Sierra Negra, Amparo, Lindoya, Limeira, etc.
He returns to Uruguay his native land in the 93 and with a prominent prestige arms his own art Atelier in the renowned tourist city Punta del Este
until today.
As an activity parallel to his art, he gives painting and drawing classes in Montevideo, Uruguay, at the Sheraton Hotel, Olimpico Club and his own Atelier.
He paints in shopping centers doing live demonstrations, travels and exhibits in several countries. Among those who can tell about their journey
artistic until today; Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA Colombia.
As the highlight of his travels are the United States, in the city of Los Angeles he works for Universal Studios as a decoration painter
in several Films.
Hired for the famous Corona beer to paint murals in several places in the United States, Restaurants, Sport Bar, Gypsy, Hard
Rock Coffé, etc.
Individual expositions:
Buenos Aires in several galleries, Velasquez, Zurbarán, Lo de Berni etc. and decoration houses generating a new style of exhibitions.
Participates in several gourmet events, livestock and decoration, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay.
He travels to Portugal and, together with his friend and Artistic Artist Angelo Vaz, he founded the famous Caisart art gallery in the city of Povoa de Varzín.
He exhibits in the arts hall of Povoa De Varsín, being awarded with the first place and acquired the work by the Mayor.
In Spain, he exhibits at the Cometa gallery in Playa de Aro, Costa Brava, and in Barcelona he exhibits and paints in the famous Rambla.
In the Etradivariuos Gallery in Montevideo, with an extraordinary event, with 36 works sold in a weekend.
Exhibits at the clubhouse of Martín Day Buenos Aires, Argentina, selling 60 works in a single night. At the Turtle Country Club Buenos
Aires, with total sales success.
Exhibits in Boca Raton, Buenos Aires, with identical successes.
At the Piero Golf Club, Buenos Aires. Exhibits at the Club House of Tortugitas to benefit, Buenos Aires.
He exhibits and donates his paintings to various charities in the city of Pilar, Buenos Aires,
Exhibits and donates to charity his works sold to the commission of Argentine ladies in Uruguay.
He exhibits in the decoration house Lo de Verni in the Panamerica del Viso, Buenos Aires, for four consecutive years. Exhibits in the city of Curitiba,
State of Paraná, Brazil in the Graciosa Country Club with total sales success. Exhibits at the Catholic University of Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil
Exhibits in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at the Fine Arts Museum.
Exhibits in the city of Joinville, at the flower festival in its shopping center, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Exhibits in the city of Gramado,
City of Hydrangeas, State of Rio Grande, Brazil.
In the city of Canela, State of Rio Grande, Brazil at the Chocolate Festival.
In the city of Bento Gonzalez, industry fair, Brazil.
In the city of Rosario, Argentina, in the Fernando Federico gallery.
Exhibits in the city of Azul, Argentina, through the Mayor's Office. Exhibits in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, in the Small Gallery and in the
Shopping Center of the Sun
Exhibits in the city of Asunción, Paraguay, at the Uruguayan consulate.
They take their works to the UN through the Uruguayan delegation, where they are exposed.
They bring their works to Finland and they are exhibited by the artist's clients.
They take their works and expose them in Switzerland for the artist's clients.
Exhibits in Bolivia, Ciudad Santa Cruz through the hard stone magazine in its headquarters.
Exhibits in Peru, city of Arequipa in Shopping Center.
Travel to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and paint in its streets.
He travels to El Salvador where he paints, exhibits and sells his works in galleries.
Travel to Guatemala, live painting live in several shopping centers, Cayalá. La Noria, exposes and sells.
Countries where your Art is located:
Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Portugal, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, etc. are
places where his work is present.
Currently, he paints, exhibits and sells his works in his own atelier of the Barra de Punta del Este.
His interest stands out for graphic design, webmaster and photography, editing and video filming
that complement their development as a plastic artist nowadays.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.atelierjorgepineyrua.com/
Participation Date: November 21 2017