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Artist Works
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: José Gotopo with a long career in artistic work, exhibited in the great halls of the most important national and international museums defined as the poet of color and form, of figuration and of that context loaded with elements that dilute it from the suggestion, of the objects and forms that appear and disappear, rather than as precise features or as luminous elements, as networks of suggestions. Thus, the trace of the drawing generates the background of the form and the play of color enhances or hides the atmospheres of the plastic object as a whole. From this universe emerge as human faces tones, innocent and diabolical girls, women birds, female pigeons, large and small species inhabitants of the sea, still lifes and gallant scenes. Earthly women who fly, birds that walk, roosters that are suspended in the air. GOTOPO creates painted clowns and harlequins, girls with impressive faces, girls and girls, dolls elves and damsels, women with dark circles, tropical flowers and fruits, sensual and carnal fruits, hair of women like birds that take off and amaze the observer with his resounding movements. But GOTOPO also paints astonishment and spells, equestrian hallucinations, the manifestations of the night, its mysteries and personified presences where above all the color becomes the support of the drawn forms. Sing and paint life and the miracle of living and enjoying.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://Josegotopo.blogspot.com
Participation Date: 05 2017 December