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Getting Heavenly Designs
"Receiving Heavenly Designs", collage on canvas, mixed media. Measures 61x38 cm. Received without frame. It belongs to the exhibition "Experiences".
Nun Hammond
€ 1650 EUR
Fire Angel
"Angel De Fuego", oil on canvas and stretcher. Dimensions: 50x40 cm. It is sent without a frame. Belonging to the exhibition "Experiences", about human experiences with the supernatural.
Nun Hammond
€ 520 EUR
The Lord
"The Lord", inks on canvas and mixed media. Dimensions: 50x40 cm. It will be received without frame. It belongs to the series "Experiences", about various revelations and contacts with the supernatural of God....
Nun Hammond
€ 1350 EUR
With Boots of Seven Leagues of Faith
"With Boots of Siete Leguas de la FE", inks on cardboard mounted on wood. White aged wooden frame with silver inlays. Mixed technique, inks and markers. Belonging to the...
Nun Hammond
€ 95 EUR
4 results - showing 1 - 4