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I have seen this culture change a lot over the past few years, in all its development phases, to search for an area of ​​belonging to a shared identity, to ...
pasquale pacelli
€ 6900 EUR
The Time
It has just started snowing again, the coldest season marks the time, that in the mind of Maiko is the her present day, the moment when she ends her apprenticeship ...
pasquale pacelli
€ 9900 EUR
Greetings to Inmates
In the palace of power of the third Reich, the Chancellor dress in his tail, inspects the inmates, who of that power they are victims, each of them bears his ...
pasquale pacelli
€ 3900 EUR
Cyborg geisha
The fusion between man and machine is a necessary component to create a new type of divinity, human and immortal. The desire to improve what nature determines, to become a ...
pasquale pacelli
€ 5500 EUR
Geiko of gion
In the oldest district of Kyoto the "woman of art", after spending time in the Ochaya that represents that secluded and private world of tea rooms, makes his return home ...
pasquale pacelli
€ 4900 EUR
5 results - showing 1 - 5