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Biography: JUAN FRANCISCO PRIMERA CEBALLOS, is a Venezuelan Plastic Artist, was born in the city of Valencia Venezuela the 17 of May of 1989, Architect of profession, graduated in the Venezuelan university Jose Antonio Paez. Its organic lines are thick and reflect the rebellion of the subjective, the freedom and the ephemeral of our mind; while the geometric lines in their pieces symbolize control, strength and balance. playing with the full and the empty, as a symbol of the society that currently surrounds us. create lines that are interpreted intimately and that reaches everyone allowing to explore that world of art that for a long time they have perceived hermetic, is the vision of the Venezuelan artist. Its pieces are personalized, it gives the client a space to transmit the essence, the history, the memory, the dream that they want to capture in that accessory that will be the new member of their space, being the factor that makes the difference when offering their work . create sensations that emit a whisper to your mind is the cause of the work of Juan first as illustrator artist of digital art, unite and not intimidate is the effect that his pieces represent, offering a space to the observer to be part of the exposed strokes and convert them in its history. Transmit sensations in strokes, full of energy and optimism represented generally by a human figure submerged in an atmosphere of expressive lines. like a dance in the eyes of the observer, is the art of digital illustrations that the plastic artist Juan Primera, for more than ten years, in Venezuela, has managed to refine to express a new message to the world of contemporary art. The citizen of the world, has inherited the perspective with time, that art is exclusive, only for few and only for those who are prepared to translate those lines trapped in a canvas. Juan Primera, transmits a proposal that breaks boundaries and prejudice by transmitting universal stories
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Participation Date: Jan 14 2019