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Discover the latest original artworks published in Artenet by our artists. Paintings, drawings, sculptures and other items of original art. Buy art directly from the author and support independent artists from around the world.
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KOALA -80x80cm
Homage to Australia and these friendly animals. Painted on canvas mounted on quality frame ready to hang.
Marita A. Guard
€ 180 EUR
Surrealist oil painting staging the dream of a girl distressed by the speed of time.
Beatriz Requena Herrero
€ 250 EUR
Orange rose
Oil on table with frame. Measures 40X30 cm.
Antonio Sanchez Cabello
€ 150 EUR
Sunset fucia
A fuscia landscape that takes you to see life in a different way and color
Karen Dayana Gomez Correa
€ 60 EUR
Woman and color
Imagine a girl in power and in love with what she can do
Karen Dayana Gomez Correa
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Mosaic made to fit into a wall and turn it into a fountain, a copper tongue will be placed in the mouth where the water jet will flow out. Measure:...
Ocean New
Sofia Fontán Vinegar
€ 1895 EUR
Acrylic on canvas by 20x60cm
Cristina Mena S
€ 85 EUR
The Fight Club
Original work measuring 40x40 cm. It is a representation of the 1999 movie "The fight club". Oil on cardboard.
Claudia Lorenzo González
€ 375 EUR
Ghosts I
Colorful and original work in his style.
Valentina Artemov Guchin
€ 800 EUR
Color mosaic
Name: Colorful mosaic Digital art created in: fresh paint
Yoselyn López López
€ 10 EUR
Miriam Rochera
€ 20 EUR
Loving Digital Art
trust- acceptance and self-esteem
Valeria Daguerre
€ 600 EUR
Artist: Al Qantarat. Theme: Guilyaná. Sculptures: "Root of the Duat" and "Hamal Arietis". Type of Work: Original. Type of sculptures: Spiritual Abstract. Theme: Prophecy. Material: Razi de Quebracho. Done ...
Juan Carlos Della Alcantara Ship
€ 1000 EUR
Systematic structures
Acrylic with textures on canvas.
Moon graffiza
€ 450 EUR
There are eyes that dream
Acrylic and textures on canvas.
Moon graffiza
€ 2000 EUR
Unique piece, with the artist's own style.
€ 395 EUR
Work done with high quality materials.
Meyalph New
Lluis Garriga In-conscious art
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Roger Federer
Roger Federer
Naco Fichetti Fichetti
The spirit of the hunter
Original work painted by the author.
JMM Monleón Montolío
€ 1150 EUR
Matterhorn from Zermatt. Original paintings online
View of the emblematic Matterhorn mountain from the Swiss town of Zermatt. Bright and colorful painting, impressionist style. Original paintings online
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
€ 260 EUR
Stunning vertical view of a canal in Amsterdam. Landscape that contains a wide color range, taking advantage of the toasted tones of sunset in autumn, green and some ocher in the glasses of ...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
Sant Agustí Vell Square. Barcelona terminal
Oil painting and pencil on board. It shows a panoramic view of the Sant Agustí Vell Square, in the Born district of Barcelona- It is a sunny day and the light ...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
Pedraforca Mountain landscape
Sunset in Pedraforca, emblematic mountain of Catalonia that is located in the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró Original paintings for room. Oil paintings
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
€ 240 EUR
View of Rome Tiber River and the Vatican. Pictures for rooms
Sunset in Rome View of the Vatican from the Tiber River. A relaxing and inspiring image, with clear skies and calm waters of orange and violet colors, which will always lead us ...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
€ 680 EUR
Night in Lecce, Italy. Pictures for bedrooms
Oil painting of a square in the city of Lecce, in southern Italy. It is a night view where we see some terraces with some people chatting, ...
Miquel Cazaña Llagostera
€ 375 EUR
17.Abstract 2019
As 92x65
On display
Natalia Sym
€ 280 EUR
Andalusian patios
It is a work inspired by the courtyards of Andalucia and its beautiful houses
Xena Perez Sanchez
€ 100 EUR
Green eye
Tired eyes
Veronica Marco
€ 20 EUR
Abstract 4
€ 110 EUR
100 results - showing 91 - 100
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