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Civil War
Category: Photography
Condition: On sale
Biography: Lèa Nath is introduced to photography as a family legacy and over time, by the hand of the renowned photographer, who instills in him his passion for documentary photography and travel. Most of his work is focused on social and documentary photography, always with a deep commitment that tries to show all kinds of emotions and feelings, creating small daily stories through images that undoubtedly have people as absolute protagonists.

Part of his work is exposed for the first time in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Cádiz, forming part of a National Congress of Mental Health that tries to represent the helplessness of people in "Street Situation", this work is a preamble to the that later will be "Infortunios y Venturas", a complete series that was exhibited for three months at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid.

No doubt your photography can attract you and connect with you, but that can not be planned, what is really important is that photography helps people to see.

"Practically I get to touch a certain obsession to capture that thousandth of a second in which that gesture is expressed that we all carry inside and know or recognize. I have always had a marked concern for capturing emotions, expressions, feelings and specific moments, which for their simplicity and everydayness fascinate me, I look for that image that represents that approach from the far to the near and I try to portray reality in a somewhat literary way , as I see it. It is impossible for me to see the same beauty in an old man as in a flower, in hands that in a beautiful landscape, maybe because those hands or that old man are telling me a story and the landscape simply offers me another kind of feeling; therefore, there came a time when I began to look at the world through a viewfinder and I felt that I really needed to tell what I saw, but since I could not do it with words, I decided to show it through my images ". (Lèa Nath)
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.leanath.com
Participation Date: November 15 2017