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Artist Works
Luiz Carrera was born in Sao Paulo, who lives and works for over 15 years ago in Florianopolis. In 1993 he graduated Doctor in photolithography Materials Engineering at the University of Montpellier in France. He was a university professor for many years and works as a planning analyst. The amateur photographer since 80 has always been in love with the effects of magical and unusual lighting in contact with the materials and the infinite possibilities of combining colors and shades able to arouse the feelings of the observer.

Self-taught artist dedicated to photographic art, combining high resolution photography of shapes and textures with illustration and digital manipulation. From the peculiar and unique integration of multiple techniques present in the most advanced image processing software, his creative method transforms simple and ordinary photos into abstract expressionist art with a unique style full of symbolism. The presence of a chaotic geometry composed of straight and curved lines that establish a dynamic harmonic gradient to form a complete set of vividly organic contours is often observed. The cosmic symbology and vortex formation almost always present are impregnated with a profusion of bright colors and surprising textures, usually interspersed by the presence of deep black in order to highlight the contrast of colors even more.
Website: http://www.corfutura.com.br
Participation Date: Apr 24 2017