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Artist Works
Category: Engravings
Condition: On sale
I am MaiNav, graphic designer and freelance illustrator. I dedicate myself in a professional way established in Spain.

I have always focused on telling a very personal story, connecting with the natural and the world around us, through art. Using this way, various artistic techniques such as: engraving, collage and watercolor.

After graduating as a Visual Arts Teacher in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I discovered the world of illustration working for the publishing market, different brands and several musical projects. As a teacher I have taught in Buenos Aires, has taught various workshops and participating in exhibitions in Argentina and around Latin America, Mallorca and Barcelona.

My various individual and group projects have allowed me to continue growing and developing in what I am most passionate about, art.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://www.instagram.com/mainavas
Participation Date: August 01 2019